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A Play Of Feelings

Artist: Dhakshini Jeganathan

Size:30 X 30 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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My moments before my first art exhibition, recorded
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This painting is like a short journal because I recorded everything important that happened to me for a period of one week, in the form of abstract symbolic structures and compositions.

Dhakshini Jeganathan

I am a self taught artist and a poet. I just completed my B.Sc Visual Communication Course in Loyola College, Chennai, India. And to me, art is about expressing what is immersed in one’s impressed mind. This led me to start my journey in art as a portrait artist because I was fascinated with the features and contours of various faces. I did candid portraits and when I started painting, my portraits turned into symbolic faces that told stories and expressed my thoughts. Then my symbolic painting style transitioned to an abstract one as I began to give a lot of importance to my emotions. From then on, my style has been influenced by various forms of contemporary theatre, expressionism, symbolism to tribal music. The medium I usually work with is acrylic on canvas, mixed media, watercolor and ink.


I have had a solo art exhibition titled ‘To Defend’ in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2011 which was received well and got a good coverage in New Strait Times, a local newspaper and Malaysian Indian business magazine.


I came to know about the Goa Affordable Art Fest from a friend and hope to contribute to this exhibition. The 15 works that I am sending are works of abstract expressionism and symbolism.


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