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Abandoned Dreams

Artist: Meena Pathak

Size:30 X 48 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Abandone Dreams in the race of life reflected in an desterted and decaying place
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This picture reflects an old desterted place with everything out of place and decaying slowly with time just like dreams which most of us have during our yester years, dreams which get abandoned by us in the race of life.

Meena Pathak

I was born in a typical indian family where a child's fate as a doctor or engineer is glorified hence  after my schooling i was made to persue my bachelor's in the field of computer science but i was never interested in studying and was always captivated by the art and craft around me.

Hence in the last year of my bachelors i decided to not let go of my dreams and convinced my family that i will attain full time formal education in the field of arts and therfore i joined Government college of Arts , Indore to persue my Bachleor of Fine Arts in the field of paintings.

I belong to a lower middle class indian family so in my childhood years we all stayed in a village in the kuttcha houses and the texture of the mortar made walls ,earth stove , abandoned places etc attracted me a lot and hence lot of my work depicts that. I want my audience to see the beauty of a deserted unrestrained place , usually perceived to be dirty and ugly, through my work as such places,even to a small extent, are still part of our lives and can be seen around .

I hope you all like my work. I am open for suggestions, discussions and new ideas . Please feel free to reach me on my email: meenaapathak@gmail.com


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