At The Tea-stall by Santanu Dinda | size - 34 X 46 Inches | Acrylic On Canvas |


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At The Tea-stall

Artist: Santanu Nandan Dinda

Size:34 X 46 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

Shipping Charges:Free Across India.
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An Indian Lady at the tea-stall
$2,307.69( Plus 12.00% GST )


An Indian lady waiting for the customer at the road side tea-stall. It is common scene of West Bengal. Here the painting depicts the lady in despair. I want to amalgamate the Indian folk style with the Bengal School of art.

Santanu Dinda

My artworks are made up of bold figures which are emphasized by a host of vibrant colours. Glimpse of Indian Folk Forms, the stylized figures are composed of simple, but expressive lines which are highlighted by brighter hues, giving the images the curious effect of being lit from within.

My works are all about the sights and scenes of rural India and from parts of Indian mythology. Most of the paintings show the likes of women in their day to day activities. From painting the cheerful girl to a sulking woman reflects the artist’s keen insight on the woman's thought and feelings.


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