Buddha-The Inner Journey, Natural Bronze (Edition 1 Of 3), Painting by Divyendu Anand | Sculptures artwork on Liquid Metal Coating Over Composite Of Stone, Glass And Polyester Resin | BestCollegeArt


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Buddha-the Inner Journey, Natural Bronze (edition 1 Of 3)

Artist: Divyendu Anand

Size:11.5 X 20 Inches

Medium:Liquid Metal Coating over Composite of Stone, Glass and Polyester Resin


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


In this conceptual art piece titled “Buddha- The inner journey“, the artist uses the beautiful form of the meditating buddha to depict that the wisdom of the entire cosmos / prajina / enlightenment can be held within through proper meditation on the ajina cakra / the third eye / the seat of the unit soul. The sculpture beautifully merges the micro-cosmic awareness into macro-cosmic awareness. The oval shaped form used in the sculpture also beautifully alludes to the shape of the Universe as it is envisaged to be of the form of an egg (the Cosmic Egg or Brahmand).
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