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Artist: Shruti Vij

Size:18 X 28 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Celebrating through different colours.
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A plethora of Colous depicting celebration time.

Shruti Vij

Gurugram based artist Shruti Vij , A post graduate from National Institute Of Fashion Technology ( NIFT) , New Delhi, is a born art enthusiast and a painter with a distinct individual style. Always an evid follower of art, the artist herself acknowledges art her true calling when recently, she decided to plunge her head into the world of painting.

Painting for her is a passion and not a mere vocation that gives her an outlet to express her innermost feelings by creating a colourful world.
Shruti's art is not limited by style or technique. She likes to leave it free. It is about what touches her heart. The common element that runs through all her works is beauty that appeals to everyone and puts a smile on viewer's face.

During the past few years, Shruti has participated in many art shows , mostly in and around Delhi and has won great appreciation from art lovers and critics alike. She has an art studio by the name of Shruti Arts.

Shruti Vij's artworks create a visual rhapsody of colour and strokes that come to life on canvas. Her palate includes a variety of reds. Blues and greens that enthral the viewer and are a visual treat. Her uplifting patterns enhance the artworks creating a multi-dimensional effect.

Her source of creativity is fuelled by many things such as travel, personal transformation, textiles and all things colourful; the biggest source of inspiration is investigating her own life. She digs underneath the surface,the spaces and places that are not seen but felt, that have no words....the spiritual aspects of life. Her exquisite artworks are mainly in acrylics but she also loves to work with mixed media.

She finds her deepest source of inspiration simply in the ' process ' of creating something out of nothing. She says " as a rule , I never know what my painting will look like before I begin and this mystery is exactly what creates the excitement and curiosity. I need to stay inspired, I rely on my own intuition and the concept of 'working with what's working ' to keep momentum as my paintings emerge naturally on their own time."

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