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Artist: Rajeev Sarkar

Size:20 X 20 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

Shipping Charges:Free Across India.
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From my point of view my painting composed basically still life forms. And I present my painting pop abstract forms.
$556( Plus 12% GST )


From my point of view my painting composed basically still life forms. And I present my painting pop abstract forms.

Rajeev Sarkar

Date of Birth : 30th January, 1984

7th year Diploma in Painting from Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh.


Solo Exhibition:      

2013: 1st solo showat Shrimati art gallery,Kolkata, India.

2016: 2nd solo showat Zainul Abedin Art gallery-1,Charukala Art Center,Dhaka,  


2019: 3rd solo showat Academy of Fine Arts,Kolkata, India.


Group Show-(National / International):

2020: International online art exhibition org. Kala Mithra Foundation and Dhauli art        college Odisha.

2019: “Confluence”a group exhibition@acdamy of fine arts Kolkata.

2018: 2nd Jaipur Kala mahotsav JKKJaipur 

2018: India art festival, Mumbai Neharu centre Mumbai

2018: EFAC annual exhibition. Jodhpur.

2017: ART org. Art exhibition of artists form Indian embassy of India                        in Moscow Russia 2017.

2017: 2nd all India art exhibitionat Balasore Odisha 2017. 

2017 & 2019: Expression 14th & 15th "Journey" 7 annual art exhibition@ Birla academy of art and culture.kolkata

2017: Ahmedabad art Fair@ Ahmedabad

2017: India art festivalNew Delhi 

2017: ART FIESTA. Jawahar Kala KendraJaipur.

2016: Bangladesh Russian cultural centre.

2016: Gorku sadan exhibition organized by Russian cultural centre.

2016: An artisan presents (Dot & stroke) an International art exhibition @ art gate gallery. Churchgate, Mumbai.

2016: An artisan present (SEED) an exhibition of visual art @ Birla acadamey of art & culture. Kolkata.

2016: An artisan presents (Raga Basant) a group exhibition of visul arts, Lalit kala academy. Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi.

2016: Eastern foundation of art & culture, 1st annual art exhibition.                        

Balasore art & craft collage, Balasore, Odisha.

2015: National artists’ premier group show in thane kala bhavan gallery.

Thane, Maharashtra.

2015: Varsha’15 senior artist national painting group show@ Gandharvapur artist village by Surya art gallery, Gujarat.

2013: An Annual Show at Shree Art Gallery, Kolkata

2012: A Group Show at ART SHED, Gurgaon, Haryana.

2012: A Journey Toward’s Freedom an Group Art Exhibition at The Blue Art Gallery New Delhi.

2012: The 4th. ll India Exhibition of ART org. by Indian national Forum of Art and Culture (INFAC) Kolkata  Venu:-Karnataka Chitrakala Parisath, Bangaluru

2011: Maa DurgaA group exhibition of contemporary paintings and sculptures organized and curated by Bimal Mitra academy Kolkata.

2011: GaneshaA group show of contemporary paintings and sculptures org. and curated by Gallery Artist Circle Kolkata.    

2011:  Kirti  An ode to lord ganesha a group show (invite category) organized by Genesis Art gallery Banglore. 

2011: Expression & Exhibition of paintingVenue : Renaissance gallerie Bengaluru 

2011: Imagination an Exhibition of painting & Graphics : Venue.BANGLADESH GALLERY,Bangladesh        Deputy High Commission Kolkata.         

2010: The 3rd All India Exhibition of ART org. by Indian national Forum of Art and Culture (INFAC) Kolkata  Venu:-Lalit kala Academy New Delhi. 

2010: Group Exhibition At Birla Academy of  Art & Culture.Kolkata India.      

2010: Group Exhibition At Spring Art Camp Org by Dhanbad forest Division.

2009:10: Group  ExhibitionOrg by ISM Dhanbad 

2009: Group Exhibition of Contemporary Artists of JharkhandOrg by CAJ Dhanbad. 

2009: Group Exhibition Young Artists of JharkhandOrg by Jharkhand Shilp kala parishad, Hazaribagh. India.

2008: Art Exhibition at Academy of  Fine Arts,Kolkata : Org .by Indian National Forum of Art and Culture. 

2007: Rhythm of Life{Conducted by Forest departement} :,Dhanbad. 

2007: Art Exhibition  Org. by Janhit Kala Sansthan,Bokaro.

2008:07 Art Exhibition{Sponsored by BCCL}: Dhanbad.

2007:  Art Deepika Art Trust ,Jamshedpur.

2006: Group Exhibition  at Academy of Fine Arts ,Kolkata.

2011:06 Group Exhibitionat BIT Photographic Club,Sindri.

2004:08 Group Exhibition at Gandhi Seva Sadan, Dhanbad.

2004: 5th All India Art Kalankan Prayas, Dhanbad.

2004: Group Exhibition at Kala Bhawan, Dhanbad.

2003&2002: 1st&2nd State Exhibition Jharkhand Chitralekha Sanathan,Dhanbad.

2003&2002: 1st&2nd Foundation Day of JCS at Dhanbad



Art Camps / Work Shops :


2020: EFAC & Bikaner Theatre, Art & Culture festival org. 20 BYE 20 an online     

           Studio art camp Rajsathan.

2020: “Prakriti” online art camp org. Hazaribag forest division Jharkhand.

2020: "ROSAMOTY"International art festival @ dimand harbour, west bangal.

2019: RAHA KRISTY WELFARE SOCIETYorg by nation art workshop @ Bardhaman, west Bangal  

2018 to 2020: DHAULI INTERNATIONAL ART FESTIVAL, Dhauli collage of art and craft, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

2018: EFACorg. National art workshop @ jodhpur 

2018: : "Prakrati"National art workshop org. By  Hazaribag forest division, Jharkhand.

2017: Shrijan -5 National art workshop Doon valley schoo, Devband, UP.

2016:20th Anta rashtriy kala parv @ kalavart nayas Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, India.

2015: Varsha’15 senior national artist painting workshop @ Gandharvpur artist village, Saputara, Gujarar.

2011:.An all India visual artists summit.(society preservation of tribal culture & naturalbeauty) Ranchi Jharkhand

2010: Art Workshop Org by 7 COLOUR Dhanbad                                                    

2010: SHRIJAN Art Workshop Org by ISM Dhanbad

2009-10: Environment Day Camp Org by Dhanbad Forest Department, Dhanbad.

2010-08: All India Spring Art Camp Dhanbad Forest Department, Dhanbad.   

2007: Art Camp organized by Indian National Forum of Art and Culture, Kolkata

2007:50th All India Artist Summer Camp Shilpi Sangh, Patna {Bihar}

2007: All India Summer Art  Camp and Workshop, Janhit Kala Sansthan , Bokaro.

2007: Art Camp Dhanbad Forest Division, Dhanbad.

2006: Art Camp JCS at Dhanbad.

2006:11th International Art Camp Kalavart Nays, Ujjain.{M.P} 

2005: 3rd National Art Camp and Seminar to Celebrate 350th Year of  Tajmahal Lalit Kala Sansthan ,Agra.

2004: 9th National Art Camp Kalavart Nays ,Ujjain.{M.P}

2003: Art Camp at Gandhi Seva Sadan , Dhanbad.

2002 to 2006: Art Camp at Kala Bhawan , Dhanbad.


Art Residency- ( National ) :

2014: One month artists in residency at Niv art center, New Delhi.

Art Fairs :

Ahmadabad Art Fair-2017, Rajpath Club, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, presented byART TUNE,Kolkata.

India Art Festival-2017, Thyagraj Stadium, Delhi, India, Presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata.

Jaipur Art Fiesta-2017, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, presented by ART TUNE,Kolkata.

Jaipur Kalamahotsav-2018, Shilpgram, Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur, Rajasthan, presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata

India art Festival-2018, Nehru Center Mumbai, India, presented by ART TUNE, Kolkata.

Collections   :

Dhauli College of Art & Craft , Bhubaneswar, Kulo Creative Art Socity W.B.

The Doon Valley Public School. MUZAFFAR NAGAR, Uttar Pradesh. SURYA ART GALLERY, Saputara, GUJARAT. NIV ART Center New Delhi, Genesis Art gallery Bangalore, INFAC- Kolkata, ISM- Dhanbad, Forest dept. Dhanbad , Jharkhand, Shilpi  Sangh Patna, Bihar, Bokaro-CG, Kalavart Nyas. Ujjain, Lalit kala sansthan Agra, 7 colours Dhanbad, Jharkhand and Various Private Collection in India & Bangladash.


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    By Rajeev Sarkar
    Acrylic on Canvas
    20 X 20 Inches
    $556( Plus 12% GST )

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