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Dera II

Artist: Shubham Kumar

Size:42 X 5 Inches

Medium:Watercolor on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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I create a semi-fictional narrative of painted watercolor images with hand written texts of dialogue. These works made with the aim of exposing myself to, and making myself aware of my personal and social responsibilities while grasping aspects of social systems prevalent in my community that drive the growth of its socio-economic structure. Land has always played a significant role and the reason for most of the disputes around the globe and particularly in my state, Bihar.
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The images I have been working with are linked in one way or another to my present and ancestral landmarks. They talk of personal and intimate experiences, which I began to acknowledge only when I moved away from home and to Vadodara for my studies. The spaces and memories I work with are very much to do with my parents, my village and our farms and fields there. To be able to support my education, my parents chose to move from our home in the city to the village; a shift that has had an impact on their lives as well as mine. Now in a house which is seemingly dilapidated, with my father working in the fields, I constantly bring back images to create a semi-fiction or detective fiction. While shifting and migration are a part of many people’s lives, for me such a shift raised many questions and responsibilities to my parents, to my community and then norms and hierarchies that exist there. And it all triggered me when I experienced the same when my parents had to leave the flat we use to reside in the town. The importance of the local, my land and its history, the people working on it, their contribution, our land in contrast to those who are asking for their own rights and land as well –this all arise as trajectories when I go through my practice. The focus yet lies on the physical existence of each space, and the shifts that I myself have seen.

Shubham Kumar

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