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Digital Autumn

Artist: Aritra Majumder

Size:44.4 X 38.4 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

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In this work I have tried to explore with three colours, they are green, blue and red which are representative primary colours of a digital display. Where I was conscious with vertical and horizontal lines as it's a pattern of making structure.
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My work focuses on diligence. I like to compare the wasted potential of a time period with the potential of the continuous developing infrastructure. Where my works argue between rural and urban area. Most of my works are drawing based where I'm exploring drawing as a pictorial idiom of multiple exposition. I'm engaged in exploring drawing as interface of performative and representational tool to engage with the transforming landscape in an urban context. I'm proficient in different methods of application of painting mediums and also reflected a research based approach in my work. Using of different mediums are not only depicts the visual esthetic but also it says a development of revolutionary interference.


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