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Dry Nature-6

Artist: Abhilasha Singh

Size:40 X 30 Inches

Medium:Oil on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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. I have come to Lucknow for the past eight years and have understood the art, which has been very appealing to me in the years in which the atmosphere in Lucknow was found in nature. I have given a lot of money and society here. But always attracts one thing from me, here is the Gomti river which has been merged into the river by seeing the river in front of me. The attention of the people is on increasing growth and rising buildings, while there is a low level of water on the other side, due to which humans, animals and birds and animals are troubled for water. Water is polluted somewhere, due to which it is difficult to live. I did not prevent this environment from making the subject in my composition, which I face in this problem, which I have tried to bring through the colors of beauty, density of colors by the colors of oil.
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In order to express his art, the new painting gives birth to new climates, new experiments and dimensions, which is constantly searching for me. My picture nature is very close to society, my work is a research. Where I live, what I see and feel becomes the subject of my art. When I sit to compose, then changes in my thoughts come naturally, which is primarily seen in my writings. Continuous changes in nature in contemporary times, increasing pollution in the environment and affecting the affecting human, animal-birds, organisms and constant levels of water which is due to the outbreak of anger all around. To whom I have their activities and which attracts and attracts me to whom I have put an object in my composition of their emotions and their attraction towards nature. Most fish, turtle, frogs, butterflies, trees and birds have been brought into the work, whose subject has tried to bring down the emptying emotions towards the water which is decreasing in the environment and its discovery. Whom I have kept their softness and their beauty colors close to my work, which I have tried to bring through the color of oil color, water color and acrylic color.

Abhilasha Singh

Abhilasha singh is born15 july 1991,At that time Lucknow base Artist Studio in Regional Lalit Kala Academy Lucknow, And M.V.A.,& B.V.A. Completed from College of Art & Craft lucknow in 2016. I have Many Award & National Scholarship By Lalit Kala Academy new nelhi and Many Group Show at Delhi,Lucknow,Bhopal,Mumbai, & Many Participation in art Exhibition and Art Compition.I have Many Art Camp of Painting &art Workshop.

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