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Artist: S O H A M R A H A

Size:38.75 X 51.25 Inches

Medium:Paper on paper with 22 Carat Gold Leaf


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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The work tilted “Evolution” narrates the process of evolution of life on earth took consciously in its own natural existence. As we know life evolved from water and in every aspect the human evolution till happened through the consciousness. Today human life has become slave to technology and we are acting unconsciously .To make better society and an individual the consciousness has to arise in the human mind is which is the main concern we should look upon.
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Rice Paper,Butter paper,Ink on Paper


In my inward journey of self exploration l have always been keen and curious about the idea of creation. Observing the human body within and beyond I have searched into the recesses of their spiritual orientation. It is a process that deals with the understanding of life beyond the experiences of the sense. Today our contemporary sensibility is influenced and dominated by technology. Though it has gifted us with advantages, the humans have forgotten the fundamental reality of life and living. The consciousness of the human mind should arise in order to make our lifestyle better for the sake of our society and surroundings in a better way. Urbanization has already created a massive shift of human life from nature. These days in city life it is hard even to look at an open sky from the building windows. People hardly have time to be themselves. Their free space is mostly occupied by games and social media. They hardly have time to compose and introspect in a relaxed state to understand life as an essence. It is rare that we can immerse ourselves in an attempt to connect with nature, the very roots of our element. We fail to cling to the regularities, the common place and the original. As a whole we fail to grasp, interact and express the things as it is and what it could be. Our potential to observe has degraded gradually as we have by the force of popular sensibility concentrate on things more artificial and superficial. Human should be conscious and aware about their own life process, this ignorance lead to impulsive activities that makes us behave in inappropriate ways in life. At this stage of our life we should bring a balance to everything in order to make a better identity,better for the sake of our environment and surroundings. Hence, I attempt to illustrate the intensity of human life and diverse nuances through the ’Aham Kanika’ (self experimentation).

 I research and study various religions and travel to study lifestyles of native folklore but at the back of the mind I filter the laws of spirituality( life as existence) with scientific thoughts. The belief in the advent of a singular unity as observed in various old manus from eastern and western texts has expressed the way of life in a more comprehensive manner. These philosophies and their depiction of life have taught me to observe the elements of simplicity that give rise to the greater articulation of life.

Creativity always takes birth in subconscious mind at its maxim which is present from human birth, but conscious is less. To bring everything in balance is the meaning of yoga or the union.To stimulate and channelize life’s energy is concerned with my work process .It concernes with prana (che), the air we breathe and by concentrating on it I begin my work with subconscious mind and memory developing gradually. I filter with consciousness this meditative practice results as my work. I try to express myself with with natural mediums and use the five elements to make my work. Earth (as tempera pigments),(Water) as to mix and apply, Fire (I use smoke and fire) and Air (by concentrating and controlling  my breathe in my system). Controlling the air in my work process I feel that am giving birth to my thoughts which it's attached to my umbilical cord. As I lead in a city life It's sometimes get hard to keep myself static in yogic and spiritual path because sometimes I feel disturbed  due to heavy noises, circumstances, lack of fresh air and  heavy population which sometimes changes my identical character and I always fight to bring it back to stability. Though this disturbs a lot but I enjoy and find my solace as I become able to create the perfectness through the imperfect.

My works attempt to chart the inclusive essence of the human potential that is experiential and spiritually felt. I intend to concentrate on the life force of the human existence that is governed by the elemental conceptualization of life. There is no better mode of enquiring into it than looking through the culture of the indigenous that we preserve beyond the popular consciousness. There is a greater sensibility that is fundamental to the spirit of our belief. To reveal that unspoken yet eternal truth that is functional in life is the motto of my art. The relevance of my work can be contextualized only by the choice to find and excavate meanings that we radically deny. The social disorientations today are a cause of impatient and inconsiderate minds that is cloistered in the harsh metallic reality. If art and expression cannot stimulate the sublime and metaphysical in man, in the nerves of our society, then we stand nowhere short of blindness. I as an artist attempt to acknowledge life’s beauty and its seriousness which is more real and existing in man. My efforts are directed to uplift that sublime beauty in man which to the apparent eye may look insignificant but is an everlasting truth of man and society. This humanism is my expression and my works aim to cultivate this humanism in the social sensibility. 


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