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Artist: Dhiraj Pednekar

Size:36 X 54 Inches

Medium:Digital Print on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Fragments is the body of work of nine photographic images. Which discerns the sculptures are created by freezing water in plastic objects giving them desired shape and later document them through photography. These ephemeral sculptural pieces stands as metaphors, like Fragments broken apart from ice sheets; reversing the whole idea into ice trapped in plastic objects.
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Today Plastic pollution has been our major global crisis in human history. It is appearing in the form of Mountains on land and floating Islands in our oceans. It doesn’t end there; now it is also taking shape of ocean ice sheets. Scientists have found an unprecedented number of micro plastics frozen in Arctic sea ice, demonstrating the alarming extent to which they are pervading marine environments. Each liter of sea ice contained around 12,000 particles of plastic; over half the micro plastic particles trapped in the ice were less than a twentieth of a millimeter wide. Based on their analysis, polar sea ice is not only acting as a store for ocean plastic but it could potentially be released as global temperatures get warmer due to climate change, the movement of sea ice could be depositing micro plastics in areas that were previously plastic-free. Most of researchers believe plastic have become a permanent contamination for our planet.

Dhiraj Pednekar

We humans since our inception have been constantly evolved and manifested the continued progress of existence that occurs in apparently irreversible sequence of Time from the past, through the present to the future. Nature has constructed us by providing its resources and we humans have constructed our landscapes by using those resources. The Landscapes we inhabit since ages are the Spaces impart different experiences to us. For example, historically relevant places that are important because of the mythical past that humans create through stories or places that are important because an important event in human history might have taken place. These places have an identity created by people as its own; this identity is different from person to person.

Similarly my interest lies in exploring the ideas of existence and identity in a landscape which I inhabit. The process of working involves exploring a landscape in an anthropological point of view.  My recent works indulge in environmental and social consciousness imparting the contemporary relation between human and Nature. Often play a role of silent protest to shade light on the issues. Thus this starts taking shape in to a kind of documentation accumulating different forms like drawing, photography, sculpture, video & Performance. I am interested in viewing materials as metaphor to draw and sculpt, and allow my viewers to have open contemplation. The changing landscapes have constructed me as an artist over time organically. The whole process of perceiving and executing is a journey that helps me in studying myself too.

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