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Galli No-9

Artist: Biplab Sarkar

Size:42 X 30 Inches

Medium:Watercolor on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


Galli No-09(iv) Water colour & pen on paper Size-42"x30"
$1,944( Plus 12% GST )


Galli No-09(iv) Water colour & pen on paper Size-42"x30"

Biplab Sarkar


My miniaturistic narrative body of work explores the relationship of body and object in an urban context largely dealing with the lifestyle and struggles of hawkers working at heritage sites, tourist places, local market or the independent wanderers.

I have been working and researching on this idea from past three years which has evolved through the conversation with the hawkers, photographic documentation, audio recordings, sketching and the mere observation of their life style.

The simplistic forms painted with subtle tones of water colors with some line drawings are evolved from the photographic reference.

The process of working also includes communication with these hawkers regarding their life style and daily job.

This conversation includes simple questions like; where do they live? What time they arrive?

What time they leave? How long it has been for them working in this field? Later these encounter resurfaces in my drawings and paintings and sometimes sound also plays a crucial role during display.

I consider my art practice somewhere very similar or parallel to the art practice followed back in the 19th century’s Company School Paintings and intend to revive those traditions and document the same in contemporary scenario.


Born:02/05/1989 in Siliguri

Father: Lt, Gour Chandra Sarkar

Mother: Sandhya Sarakr


2017: M.F.A-Painting, College of Art , Delhi University, New Delhi

2015: B.F.A- Painting, Kala-Bhavana , Visva-Bharati University, West Bengal

2011: B.A- History, North Bengal University, West Bengal


2018: Gallery OED, Cochin, Kerala

2017: Annual exhibition of Rajyacharu kala Parsad, Govt of West Bengal.

2017: India Art Fair, Exhibit 320, New Delhi

2017: Serendipity Arts Festival, Goa

2017: Abir Annual Show , Ahmedabad

2017: Group Exhibition ,Gallery - Exhibit 320, New delhi

2017:”NEEL” Young Indian Contemporary Artists, Gallery -Art for All, New Delhi

2017: 64th Annual Art Exhibition, College of Art, New Delhi

2017: Kalanand Exhibition, Nehru Centre,Mumbai

2017: Student’s Biennale in Kochi- Muziris Biennale

2017: All India Annual Exhibition, Emami Chisel Art, Kolkata

2017: Young Expression, Pune Biennale, Pune

2017: 14th All India Traditional Art Exhibition, AIFACS, New Delhi

2016: 63th Annual Art Exhibition, College of Art, New Delhi

2016: Participating in the Reserve bank of India Art Competition, New Delhi

2016: Student Biennale (Previous display), Latitude 28, New Delhi

2016: 57th National Exhibition Lalit Kala Academy, Lucknow, U.P

2016: Annual Exhibition of Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi

2015: Annual Exhibition of Dhoomimal Art Gallery, New Delhi

2015: Group Exhibition D.C Art Gallery, New Delhi

2014: Kala Bhavan Annual Exhibition, Santiniketan

2014: Annual Exhibition of Basudha, Bhubaneswa, Odisha

2013: Bindu Group Exhibition, Kolkata

2013: 27th All India Art Contest & Exhibition (Ministry of Culture, Govt of India) Nagpur.

2013: Group Exhibition Academy of Fine Arts ,Kolkata

2013: West Bengal State Academy of Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

2013,12: Santiniketan Poshmela ,Santiniketan

2013,12: Academy Of Fine Arts Annual Exhibition, kolkata

2012: Indian Society of Oriental Annual Exhibition,Kolkata.

2010,09: Ramkignkar kakhya, Siliguri.

2009: Shrijn Utsab ,KrishnaNagar.


2018: Senior ana Junior Artists Camp, AIFACS, New Delhi

2017: National Art Festival (Artists’ Camp) , Lalit Kala Academy ,New delhi,at Gantok, Sikkim

2017: National Students Art Camp, Govt.College of Fine Arts,Thissur City Kerala

2016: National Art Conclave, Lalit Kala Academy , Lucknow , U.P

2015: Printmaking , British council ,New Delhi.

2014: National Workshop of Playing With Glass and Flame , Visva-Bharati, Shriniketan.

2012: Indian Museum ,Govt.of India, Kolkata.

2009: Rajya Charukala Parsad,Govt.of West Bengal.

2009: Siliguri, Sukna, Krishna Nagar


2018:Kalakriti Artists Residency,Hydrabad

2017:Dharti Arts Residency,(Serendipity Arts Festival) New Delhi

2017:International Artists Residence (Reflection),New Delhi , India


2018: Delhi State Award for Drawing, PDAF, Mumbai

2017: North Zone Silver Award , Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation

2016: Prafulla Foundation, City Level Award

2013: Visva-Bharati merit Scholarship, Santiniketan

2009: Chatra Jubo Utsab District label .Govt.of West Bengal,



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