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Galloping Horses-71

Artist: Debabrata Biswas

Size:36 X 48 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Galloping Horses Acrylic on canvas.
$1,361.11( Plus 12.00% GST )


. Horse signifies force and elegance and it stimulates my sensibility, I want to portray that with my fluid techniques. I am exploring many techniques and mediums which suits my subjects.

Debabrata Biswas

About me 

                     Capturing a moment of life is an artist’s ageless quest. I try to establish the fundamentals of space and unifying this dire necessecity in my work. I derive inspiration from my immediate surroundings, so my subjects are always nature, animal and human. I intend to portray them expressively through my painting. 

Art Education 

                      MFA - Indian music board (1995-1997), Kolkata.

                       BFA - Indian music board (1990-1995), Kolkata.                         

Solo Shows 

        2018- Nostalgia at Kalakriti’s The Gallery Café. Hyderabad.

         2016 - Equine Grace at ICONART Gallery. Hyderabad.

         2015 -   Rhythmic Hue at Beyond Coffee. Hyderabad. 

Two Man shows 

         2016 - Duet Symphony at Pegasus art gallery, Hyderabad. 

Group Shows 

2019        -      Poetic expressions at State art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                -         Reivatak Group show at The Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara.

                -        78th All India Art Exhibition by Hyderabad Art Society.

                -         15th Anniversary Celebration, Group show at State art Gallery, Hyderabad,

                -         16th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.


         2018   -      Asthetic Strokes at Pegasus Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      Dharohar at ASI children Museum, New Delhi.

                     -      Trinayana at Pegasus Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      Petals at State Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      Colour Spectra 2 at ICCR Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      4 Seasons at Beyond coffee, Hyderabad

                     -      The Four Quartets at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

                     -      Confluence 2018 by art eterne at New Delhi.

                    -      15th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.

                    -      Buy art 2018 at ICON art gallery,Hyderabad. 


          2017  -    Way to go at Ailamma Art Gallary, Hyderabd.

                     -    14th Citra santhe” at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.

                     -    Holding Hands International show at State Art Gallery.  


           2016   -  7APTAK at Birla art Academy, Kolkata

                      -  Sargam at beyond coffee, Hyderabad

                      -  Buddha at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

                      -  Woman day at Ailamma Art Gallary, Hyderabd

                      -  Rein,Reign,Rain at Ailamma Art Gallary, Hyderabd

                      - 13th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore. 

                      -  Ganesh at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.   


         2015    -  Art for all at Rainbow vistas, Hyderabad.

                      -  Ganesh at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                      - 12th Citra santhe” at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.     


          2014    -   Collectors choice at Tamkanat Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                       -  Art for all at Rainbow vistas, Hyderabad.                        

                       -  Dimensional Expression at Karnataka chitrakala parishath, Bangalore.

                       -  Ganesh at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                       - Flute of the Maverick at Daira. Hyderabad.

                      - 11th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.


           2013   -  Mehfil at state art gallery. Hyderabad.                                 

                      -   Around the art at beyond coffee, Hyderabad.

                      - Art for all at Rainbow vistas, Hyderabad. 

       1998       -  Gramshree Mela at Jamshedpur. 

       1997  -  Lime light at Milani Hall, Jamshedpur. 


           2018 –  Online Auction from Bestcollageart. New Delhi. 

Art Camp


2018         -    Art Camp at Santinikatan by Pegasus Art Gallery.

                -    Punarkriti Art camp by Hyderabad Artist Group at Hyderabad. 

Art Installation 

      2017    -   Art Installation at Hyderabad Literary Festival.

       2018   -   Art Installation for Do Din, Urban Lab, Hyderabad. 


        2019 –    Highly  commendable work from 78th All India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad Art Society.

         2018   -    Appointed Judge for Art Competition at Fusion Fest, Hyderabad.

         2016  -   Appointed Judge for Art Competition at Oakridge International school, Hyderabad. 

         2007 -    Character animation Direction awarded from WB solutions, Hyderabad.

         2005 -    Awarded as the Best special contribution in train

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