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Golden Space

Artist: Pankaj Vishwakarma

Size:96 X 48 Inches

Medium:Other Canvas Works


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Medium: Industrial paint and foil on canvas
$2,777.78( Plus 12.00% GST )


A critique of the material culture of today is probably possible through art by using the very materials which have become as things in themselves or become meanings in themselves. My art practice basically revolves around understanding the materiality of the medium I am handling. First of all, trained in an art institute, I had always found a sense of incompleteness and loss at the art practice particularly the conventional mediums and forms of expressions. I could never identify myself or position myself within the tradition of these practices and always found myself and what I want to express not possible through these mediums. So I had been always trying to figure out mediums and expressions which were in a way anti or against the modes of representation which are handed over as convention etc. For me, rebellion was natural as I couldn’t identify with the tools and materials of the art education itself. Hailing from the industrial town of Ankleshwar and being an internally displaced migrant family, the means of sustenance and the conditions of my sustenance never ever allowed to partake in the removed and alienated processes of these elite art practices. I had always found a lack in the conventional modes of representation, which might be figurative or abstraction. Also since childhood, I couldn’t find interest in history as it never had any sort of representation of my community or where I belong. So within art education too when I found out that even the tools and materials of practices were elitist and alienated, my practice organically shifted towards mediums where I could find comfort with and found a nearness and sense of belonging. The industrial materials like industrials paints etc. were more affordable and easily available for me. Also, that is what I have been seeing all around me right from childhood. So I started using all these materials and started articulating my point of view which was also a sort of rebellion to the conventional art practices. I started to use these industrial paints by pouring them directly on the surface of the canvas or paper. This very act was a sort of a critique of the modes of representational language. The act of pouring undoes the way an image is created on the surface of the painting. Pouring paint directly without any intervention of labour also cuts out the subjective process which goes through while the process of painting happens. The value attached to the modernist processes of making the painting is cut. The act of pouring also is an act of negation of the image that represents something else outside the painting. In my work, it’s the paint that is visible. But the forms and images which happen due to the flow of the paint on to the surface though creates a visuality it’s unlike the other processes of painting where there is something relatively intentional, preplanned or even spontaneous. For me the controlled spontaneity of pouring the paint is all that is the process. The remaining effects, affect and results are at the mercy of the external forces like wind, temperature, gravity, surface, viscosity etc. which are purely resultant physical properties and not of subjective experiences. The attempt is to work towards a new representational language which is self-reflexive and which could articulate without mediations from the established jargons and oppressive frameworks of representations of exclusiveness.

Pankaj Vishwakarma

Pankaj R. Vishwakarma

Born in 18 April, 1986 in Azamgarh (UP) and grew up in Ankleshwar (Gujarat). Currently living and practicing in Vadodara, Gujarat. I completed my bachelors in painting (2009) and Masters in printmaking (gold medal) (2012) from Faculty of fine arts, M.S.University of Baroda, Vadodara


Chromatophilia Cycle-15, Piramal Art Residency, Mumbai, India 2108

Kanoria Centre for Arts, Studio Residency, Ahmedabad, India 2014-2015

Kanoria Centre for Arts, Studio Residency, Ahmedabad, India 2013-2014

Arts for All Residency, New Delhi, India 2013

Uttarayan Art Foundation, Vadodara, India 2012


Fellowships / Scholarship

Junior Fellowship, Centre for Cultural Resources and Training, New Delhi, India 2018-2020

Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, India 2014-2015

Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, India 2013-2014

Krishnakriti Scholarship, Kalakriti Foundation, Hyderabad, India 2008



West Zone Bronze Art Award, Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, India 2017

West Zone City Art Award, Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, India 2016

“88”All India fine Arts & Crafts Society Award, New Delhi, India 2015

Gold Medal in Master of Visual arts, Maharajah Sayajirao University of Baroda, India 2012


Solo Shows

“FLOWS/FLAWS”, Knots - An Experimental Art Space, Vadodara, India 2018


Group Shows

Kochi Fort, Kerala, India 2018

Lalit Kala Akademi Regional Centre, Chennai, India 2018

Hutheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad, India 2018

The Taj Art gallery, Mumbai, India 2018

Coomaraswamy hall (formerly Prince of Wales Museum), Mumbai, India 2018, 2017

Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Vadodara, India 2018

Art Centrix Space, New Delhi, India 2017

Nehru Centre, Mumbai, India 2017, 2016

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India 2016

All India fine Arts & Crafts Society Award, New Delhi, India 2015

Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, India 2015

Kanoria Centre for Arts, Ahmedabad, India 2014

Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi, India 2014

Hatheesing Visual Art Centre, Ahmedabad, India 2014

Kanoria Centre for Arts, India 2013

ABS Art Gallery, Vadodara, India 2013

Art Spice Gallery, New Delhi, India 2012          

Priyashri Art Gallery, Mumbai, India 2012                                                                                          

Faculty of Fine arts, M.S.U., Vadodara 2012

National Lalit Kala Akademi, Chennai, India 2011

Priyashri Art Gallery, Mumbai, India 2009

Gujarat Lalit Kala Akademi, Ahmedabad, India 2008

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