Haryali Banni - The New Bride !!, Painting by Parul Aggarwal | Figurative artwork on Watercolor On Paper | BestCollegeArt


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Haryali Banni - The New Bride !!

Artist: Parul Aggarwal

Size:12 X 17 Inches

Medium:Watercolor on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

Shipping Charges:Free Across India.
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This painting depicts the beauty and nervousness on the face of the new bride as she prepares to face her marriage day.
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This painting depicts the smile on the face of the new bride as also the little bit of nervousness as she takes her first step forward in starting her new life after marriage. In India, marriage is a sacred custom that is meant to unite not only two persons in a physical sense but also their souls. Its a pious union extending from this life to the afterlife and brings with itself a hand full of customs, prayers and traditional practices to be performed while getting married. The bride prepares to look her best and wears the best attires to match her divine look on the D-day, as it is a popular belief that godess lakshmi reflects in a new bride as she arrives to her new home after marriage. This painting is an attempt to show that nervous yet gorgeous look on the face of a new Indian bride - "The Haryali Banni".

Parul Aggarwal

Parul is a self-taught artist from New Delhi. She fell in love with colours at the age of 5 and has since started out her journey of sketching and painting. Making humble beginnings, with trying to sketch whatever appealed to her, carrying her art tools wherever she went, be it picnics, family get-togethers or other social events, helped Parul to start creating works of art from a very small age. Her efforts soon began to get noticed when she started participating in art competitions, both inter and intra-school and winning most of them. Parul swears that her mother and all her teachers at school have been her pillars of support whilst she set out to build a wide variety of art works, comprising of mostly sketches, paintings, rangoli designs and colours splashes on canvas etc. She won the titles of best artist in junior, sub-senior and senior categories in her well named public school of Delhi. The school encouraged, promoted and nurtured both academic and creative prowess in all its pupil including Parul. 


Parul has adopted a unique style of painting mainly women figures, who are independent and have their own sense of style. Most of her works depicts women doing everyday activities or spending time with their friends, getting ready for the day etc. The colour combinations used by Parul is lavish and mainly depicts the rich culture of rural India with all rural women adorning folk jewellery and colourfully dyed cotton apparels, set in monochrome backgrounds. Parul generally paints working rural women who are dark skinned and have skinny body structures, toiling through the day and yet have the contentment and happiness on their faces.

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