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Hunting Binoculars-3

Artist: Pravin Dhanuskar

Size:25 X 19 Inches

Medium:Watercolor on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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In one of the lenses we see an emblematic face; it could be that of the hunter or that of the viewer. Here is an interesting alchemy as we look through the lens of a pair of binoculars we too become a part of the hunting group temporarily and the sight seen through it must be fascinating.
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Binoculars, as we know, do not hunt; they are used by hunters. Binoculars, at the same time suggest the safe distance that the hunter/s takes during the act of hunting. That means from a safe distance a group of people are hunting hapless human beings who live harmoniously with the nature. However, the moment the hunters locate a place for their game the fate of the dwellers in those places is changed forever. They get displaced or become permanent migrants elsewhere. Some may become urban poor and some become urban laborers. It is the grand metamorphosis that India today is undergoing; transformation of people from human beings to subhuman creatures in a world of urban slavery in a Kafkaesque turn of events.

Pravin Dhanuskar

Pravin T. Dhanuskar is a young artist post graduated (M. F. A. 2010) from Sir. J. J. school of Art Mumbai and B. F. A. 2007, G.C.M. Nagpur.   He is practising his art work as a profession since a decade and living in Mumbai. During his practise he has participated in several competitions and bagged the prestigious awards- 2018 Special award- finext award & national exhibition of mini-artwork-2018, Bhopal., 2008  Camlin certificate award. Sir J. J. School of Art Mumbai., 2008  All India Exhibition Lokmanya Tilak, Pune., 2007  Certificate award all India art contest S.C.C.Z.  Nagpur., 2007  Govt. merit certificate  G.C.M. Nagpur., 2006  Best portrait  award G.C.M. Nagpur.
He has presented his solo show entitled “Epic Theatre of Current Absurdity” (2018) and previously exhibited entitled “Manifestations of Dualism” 2015 Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai. Pravin has also professionally contributed to group shows including- 2016 Shourya  art gallery, Navi Mumbai., 2016  West 10 art gallery, Navi Mumbai., 2015  West 10 art gallery, Navi Mumbai., 2015  Poster show, Priyashri artist studio, Vododara., 2008  Gallery one, New Delhi.,  2006  Rhitu hirawa, Nagpur., 2006  Bunch of sunflowers, Nagpur., 2005  Joining hands, Nagpur.To extend his work he has also participated in Senior student graphic art workshop Bharat Bhawan 2006, Bhopal, Camp.
He has many private collections in India and abroad to his credit.  

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