Inside The City, Painting by Raju Baraiya | Contemporary artwork on Mixed Media On Canvas | BestCollegeArt


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Inside The City

Artist: Raju Baraiya

Size:25 X 21 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


This work is giving me a space to describe a political issues.. The city has its abrupt characteristics where constructions happen every now and then. There are numerous activities, like the industrial and business activities taking place in the cities, which dominate the aura of the place. Also cities are inevitably engaged in a give and take relationship which becomes the dominant way of living. The cities are also into a kind of empty chatter which is only filling gaps between people in a way that looks very customary. One cannot also deny the fact that cities are dynamic in nature by offering immense possibilities of new interactions and relations.
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