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Indian Mother In Gold (edition 1 Of 3)

Artist: Naman Mahipal

Size:24 x 15 X 24 Inches

Medium:Brass, MDF, and Stone

Style:Still Life

Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


The sculpture represents a typical Indian mother; strong yet serene with a calm expression. Her hair tied in a bun reflecting the hard work and time she invests in raising her child, with the bindi symbolizing her selfless devotion. The gold colour personifies her illumination and wisdom. However, the hard materials such as brass, MDF, and stone used in the construction of her visage are a tribute to her underlying strength, durability, and resilience.
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The artist wishes to convey the image of a gentle and calm bindi sporting Indian Mother through this artwork. She is tender forgiving. However, her humane visage is composed of hard materials like brass, MDF, and stone as a testament to the strength and resilience of her character.

Naman Mahipal

Naman Mahipal was born in New Delhi in 1993. He is a graduate in Multimedia and Animation from Apeejay Stya University. He uses a variety of mediums for his art, including oils, charcoal pencils, and sculptures made out of wood and steel. 
At just 27 years, his works have already been showcased in Metropolitan Museum, New York and other venues in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
Closer to home, he has exhibited at the India Art Festival, ID Design, India Habitat Centre, Modern Art Gallery, among other venues. He is also associated with the NGO, Kushii Foundation.
Naman suffers from congenital hearing impairment. Consequently, takes refuge in art as a form of expression. Art not only assists others in experiencing the world from his perspective, but also helps him overcome the void created by his condition.


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