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Artist: Pramod Thakur

Size:30 X 42 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


“My paintings express moods and feelings with body movements so there is no need to express it with face detailing. Light, shadow and other manifestations of nature play its role in my work. I prefer giving liberty to my figures instead of binding them. I enjoy my art lovers to view my paintings in their own perspective. What they perceive give me more satisfaction than forcing them for it."
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Pramod Thakur is a talented artist. Through his painting he provides a crucial link between past and future by inheriting, extending, and renewing traditions in colour. His work embraces the finest elements and moments of life. He has a unique ability to express with lines, light, and shadow. The result has been an entirely new style of abstract expression. In his paintings he captures the subtle changes in the grace of figures and nature. By playing with light and shade he creates abstract world of vivid and spectacular majesty. He experiments and explores with contemporary forms and techniques that enhances the way of expression in his painting. His unique paintings with blank face of lady figures are hugely praised by artist and art connoisseurs.

Pramod Thakur

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    By Pramod Thakur
    Mixed Media on Canvas
    36 X 36 Inches
    $2,431( Plus 12% GST )

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