Koopmanduk, Painting by Indu Manish | Contemporary artwork on Brass, Silver, Alloy Of Zinc And Copper On Wood, Metal Inlay And Patina Finish | BestCollegeArt


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Artist: Indu Manish

Size:23 X 29 Inches

Medium:Brass, Silver, Alloy of Zinc and Copper on Wood, Metal Inlay and Patina Finish


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


Inspired by the popular Indian idiom “frog in the well” which has very significant meaning and generally referred to people to explore and expand the horizon. The wall installation is a combination of the age-old craft of Bidri and the surface finishing techniques of Patina. The idea is to use the centerpiece using Bidri craft to the personality of an individual which is very unique and opulent. The Background reflects chaos around us which is very dynamic which does not allow individuals to see beyond immediate surroundings and hence mental, spiritual and physiological growth is curtailed. The wall installation is a very conscious effort to remind individuals to realize and inculcate their true potential and instigate to expand the horizon to delve into an unexplored/unexpected world of their own.
$2,500( Plus 12% GST )

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