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March Land

Artist: Ekta Sharma

Size:54 X 42 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


$2,778( Plus 12% GST )


The earth on which we live is an enormous multi-dimensional complex system made of geosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and the cryosphere. All five of these enormous and complex systems interact with one another to maintain the Earth as we know it. In this complex system, seasons play a great theatrical role to allude life meanings to more that its literal meaning. And in this process, nature and its behaviour are good authentic metaphors related to seasons to express ideas such as feelings, the passing of time and age. By noticing key aspects related to the time of year, we get a better understanding of the meaning behind the season’s expressions. Ekta Sharma is an artist from Gwalior. Her depictions of abstract forms of nature and its dynamics present some intellectual thought that tends to bring strong experiences of a psychological space wherein silent experiences represent concepts rather than details. Ekta’s work of art helps us tap into those feelings because it shifts our cognitive state away from concrete details towards abstract ideas. Ekta’s work of art presents the themes of rebirth and renewal using colours and symbols from the spring season. Her painting depicts the power of rising, busting, awakening thereby conceiving some life energy. Vasant Rutu refers to love, hope, youth and growth and this seasonal symbolism blossoms as an ongoing hope and renewal. Ekta’s experience is an effect of something demonstrable but not measurable on how it works on our mind and soul. But the resultant effect of her art has an effect on our general cognitive state, that goes beyond how much we enjoy it, to change the way we perceive events and make decisions. Ekta’s visual composition conveys a great sense of depth and perspective. Her thought process depicts the idea of life observations and experiences through her art that can be used as a stand in for greater thought, symbolizing not only the sublime, but also curiosity for the unknown. Staring into the soothing triangles of an image that you can’t describe is one of the joys of looking at abstract art which has qualities that can change our opinion and prompt us to touch the details of this dynamic season. Ekta finds the universal energy as a source of inspiration for her visual language that drives her connection to the tangible references of Nature and spirit. Her art is a beautiful successful attempt to reflect the recognized universal energy within and contemplate the natural phenomena and forms. The forms and colours acquire more of an aesthetic component, being open to multiple interpretations, giving simple and artistic meaning to the activity of Nature in different roles in Vasant Rutu. Vasanth Rao Artist & Curator, Sydney, Australia



I Ekta Sharma ,I was born on 08 January 1990 in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. I got my educational qualification from various schools in Gwalior. In which higher secondary educational was done in fine art . Preferred to work as an  independent artist obtaining academic qualification from college of fine art and music in 2008- 2014. I live in Gwalior and work as an independent artist . After receiving college education, the impact of college rules in the initial time was prolonged. Which included folk art, figurative composition, etc. But after sometime . I began to take more pleasure in abstract art. For ex. In the independent artist , the word independent represents freedom or i can also say myself.  Since 2014 my painting has undergone many changes. Sometimes gave importance to size . Sometimes spent time with colours. Sometimes worked with collage. After experiencing all this, i like to use mostly light colours in the present paintings. I don’t know how long will it be like . I feel the flow of water in myself that flow through time and circumstances. But it is difficult for me to tell what the artwork i create or what it relates to. For me , the experience of black colour is like that of a blind person, for whom the whole world is in itself , there is a colour which is absorbed in itself , is its own world . Yes ! I like black colour to paint in my canvas . I feel like mine . I use lighter colours to highlight black . Feeling good can not be the only reason behind it .


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