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Artist: Srinivas Pulagam

Size:28 X 40 Inches

Medium:Watercolor on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

Shipping Charges:Free Across India.
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With the help of past history I built for present and future
$2,222( Plus 12% GST )


Matsya is believed to symbolise the aquatic life as the first beings on earth.[165] Another symbolic interpretation of the Matsya mythology is, states Bonnefoy, to consider Manu's boat to represent moksha (salvation), which helps one to cross over. The Himalayas are treated as a boundary between the earthly existence and land of salvation beyond. The protection of the fish and its horn represent the sacrifices that help guide Manu to salvation. Treated as a parable, the tale advises a good king should protect the weak from the mighty, reversing the "law of fishes" and uphold dharma, like Manu, who defines an ideal king.[3] In the tales where the demon hides the Vedas, dharma is threatened and Vishnu as the divine Saviour rescues dharma, aided by his earthly counterpart, Manu - the king.

Srinivas Pulagam



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    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    28 X 42 Inches
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  • Mayura Mayura


    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    42 X 28 Inches
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    Gaja - 2

    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    41 X 28 Inches
    $2,500( Plus 12% GST )

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