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Artist: Srinivas Pulagam

Size:28 X 40 Inches

Medium:Watercolor on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


With a view to cause satisfaction to the world, you indulge in your dance, thereby creating happiness at a time when it withers, being stricken or afflicted by the scorching sun. So, I approach you, who are the descendant of that race of Indra who are the only solace to those opposed by grief, in the same manner as the sun is approached as a friend of the lotus.”
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The myth is that peacock has angel feathers, a devil's voice, and the walk of a thief. But Hindus believe it is not only the mount of the kartikeya but also saraswati. It is also the vehicle of Lakshmi and Brahma. When mounted bybkama, the God of love, it represents desire. Hindu gurus of love, it's represnts desire. Hindu gurus are found of using peacock feathers during their discovers, so as to pass on their aura to their flowers.

Srinivas Pulagam



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  • Gaja-2 Gaja-2


    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    28 X 42 Inches
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  • Matsya Matsya


    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    28 X 40 Inches
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  • Hidden Memories Hidden Memories

    Hidden Memories

    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    28 X 37 Inches
    $2,222( Plus 12% GST )
  • Mayura Mayura


    By Srinivas Pulagam
    Watercolor on Paper
    42 X 28 Inches
    $2,500( Plus 12% GST )

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