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Artist: Saurabh Kumar

Size:23.5 X 24 Inches



Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Buddha meditation is the practice of meditation in Buddhism.These meditation techniques are preceded by and combined with practices which aid this development, such as moral restraint and right effort to develop wholesome states of mind.
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Buddha meditation practices are techniques that encourage and develop concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. By engaging with a particular meditation practice you learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and the practice offers a means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being. With regular work and patience these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energised states of mind. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead to a new understanding of life.

Saurabh Kumar

For me painting is dire passion , i move from jaipur to gurgaon to convert my passion into profession and finished academic education in fine art . I worked under Noted Artist Jatin das ji and has been working in this field since 2012 and exhibited many artworks in as many as 9 different countries .

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