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Mira With Krishna

Artist: Gopal Sharma

Size:30 X 24 Inches

Medium:Oil on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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In this painting is showing Indian mythology story
$833( Plus 12% GST )


This oil painting of mine is based on Indian mythology.in Which meera is depicted as the heroine and lord Krishna as the hero.in the back part of the picture lord Krishna is shown as an idol and infront of him the heroine meera is depicted holding a flute. Right corner of the picture a beautiful bird bulbul has also been made it, which is giving a feeling of melodious music, probably he has come there after listening to the tune of the flute.

Gopal Sharma

Artist Gopal Sharma was born in the lakhisarai district of Bihar in 1987 ,he has inherited the painting, his grandfather also used to make painting , got the initial training from him , later to understand the nuances of painting , he joined Patna art and craft in 2003 enterde college and pass with gold medal in 2008 , his style of working is realistic but sometimes his work also shows extreme realism , although he does not like to work in any one subject but Indian art the theme of culture attract them and that glimpse is also visible in their work , the painting of Gopal Sharma are embodied. The colour used by them make you feel at peace.

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