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Mithun & Calf

Artist: Fine Art Photography Prints, Sanjay Marathe Art Prints, Landscapes, Cityscapes

Size:21X14 Inches

Medium:Photography on archival paper


Artwork: Original

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Mithun & Calf a Photography by Sanjay Marathe
$168.06( Plus 12.00% GST )


Medium: Inkjet on Hahnemühle archival paper Edition: 14" x 21" LE of 100, Numbered & Signed on back or front The cow and the calf watched me curiously as I photographed them, during a trek in the forest in Pange` valley. These gentle and docile creatures are known as 'Mithun' in northeast India.

Sanjay Marathe

Sanjay started photography in high school using an ‘Agfa Click III’ and his father’s manual ‘Yashica Lynx 5000’ camera. When he graduated with a commerce degree from Bombay University in 1986, he was hooked to taking pictures.

So strong was his love for photography that it was a natural progression to a full time profession. Besides working for leading Indian and international clients, he has also worked as a photographer for nine months in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, on assignments at Saudi Aramco in 1990. He has over twenty-five years of photography experience behind him. Along with commercial photography work, he works on many personal projects simultaneously. His subjects include nature, wildlife, landscapes, festivals, and historical architecture, people at work, portraits and abstracts.

He is drawn to the play of light on his subjects. The right quality of light is the primary ingredient he seeks to make a good shot. Next is the subject. He has travelled extensively in India, Mauritius and the United States for personal projects. He has photographed people, historical places and the wilderness.

He has a digital stock collection of over 20,000 images. He started exhibiting his work in art galleries a few years ago. He had his first Solo show in Dec. 2013 at Mumbai’s prestigious Jehangir Art Gallery, which was well recieved. Sanjay experiments with many new mediums to present his artworks in more innovative ways. He makes fine art prints and murals on a range of materials like paper, canvas, metal and glass to print his artwork. His goal is to get more recognition in India for ‘Photography as an art form’, as it does in USA and Europe.

Art Shows (Past): Three group exhibitions by AIPA (All India Photographers Association) and PGI (Photographers Guild of India) in Mumbai ‘People for Animals’ group exhibition by Ms.Maneka Gandhi in Delhi India Art Festival – 2013 – Nehru Centre, Mumbai Solo at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – 26 Dec. 2013 - 1 Jan. 2014 Solo at Trident Art Walk, Mumbai – 1 - 12 Apr. 2015 Art Around Town – Art Show in Chappaqua, New York – June 2015 Solo at Delhi O Delhi Foyer at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi – 1 - 31 Oct. 2015 Solo at Taj Bengal, Kolkata – 23 - 29 Nov. 2015 Solo at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai – 8 - 14 Jan. 2016 Art Shows (Upcoming): GallerieLeela, Mumbai – 5 - 11 Aug. 2016 Convention Foyer, India Habitat Centre, Delhi – 16 - 20 Nov. 2016 Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata - Nov. 2016


For the past 35 years, I have consistently worked on my technique and style, which has evolved over time. In my earlier days as a photographer, I used to shoot a lot of pictures. With time, I gained a deeper insight and understanding of light, which now results in fewer but improved images. My subjects include nature landscapes, trees, leaves, flowers, clouds, monsoons and wildlife. Besides nature, I also explore architecture, old monuments, festivals, people and abstracts. “The fall of light on the subject, of the desired quality, and at the desired angle and intensity, inspires me to make my image. Though light is available through the day, one has to wait for the right quality of light to make a good shot. In my compositions, I look for interesting lines, texture, colour and the fall of light and shadows. The challenge is to photographically recreate my emotion of a location or subject, using experience gained over the years and technical expertise, to make a connection with you, the viewer.”

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