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Mother Tree

Artist: Amarnath Sharma

Size:48 X 60 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


Words for my work My name is Amarnath Sharma. I have studied my bachelors and masters from Baroda. I live and work in Baroda too. My birth place is small town and my native place is village but shifted to metropolitan city like Baroda. Where I see everything in larger scale like huge buildings, big flyovers, and these conflicts reflects in my works. My larger than life size images represent the same. In fact I disappointed with the development of cities, the way we live unnaturally, Cutting tress destroying nature. Actually I belong to carpenter family which one can relate through the images of tools which I prefer to use in my works like “Pakad”, or “Mother tree”, many more. I work in many layers I paint and on that I play with colours like removing those parts as if like paint and erase. Again I put images over that. I use images as a metaphor. For example in my works “Pakad” which may symbol of pillar as well as effort of labours similarly Time changes everything, or Good Bad I don’t know” use television or face of donkey or in work “clerk” represent the middle class men. In fact put up so many small images together. Basically my journey of life from my childhood until today and my work of art blend with each other. I paint my life, my thoughts, and my journey. For me blank canvas is my diary I paint day to day images through I passes by, weather images from my past memories or a present day. Amarnath Sharma
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