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Nisarg 2

Artist: Nishi Sharma

Size:24 X 24 Inches

Medium:Oil on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Every Aspect of Nature
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An intrinsic element in my work is the inspiration that I draw from nature. I often assess and ponder on the tenacity of Nature to be so fluid and dynamic, with birth and decay unfolding simultaneously and the transience of time capturing evolution at play. These images and thoughts consume me and my practice and often after assimilating my vision of these subtleties at play, subtleties that I choose to highlight and express, I feel alive and metamorphosed. I am fearless with respect to my practice and am conscious of the individual journey that I undertake through the myriad of emotive conflict within being as I reach the culmination of a particular piece of artwork

Nishi Sharma

Nishi is based out of New Delhi, India. She has completed her Master Dgree in Drawing and Painting from Kanpur University. She is currently practising to bring forth novel aspects to her work, both thematically and in technique and is also engaged with the projects that are undertaken by her, on being granted the Junior Fellowship Programme 2017-2018 by the Ministry of Culture, India. Her work captures aspects of Nature and her relationship with it.

My work wherein the use of a brush stroke/s is the mainstay of the painting, depicts the pace of life unravelling both within the spectrum of the natural and the man made. My work seeks to capture the fluidity of the medium to depict the pace of time lapse or at times the stillness of it. The motion and movement in each of the paintings captures the pace of the creation whilst simultaneously the construction of its form, the use of colour allows the composition to breathe out the thematic resonances I have sought to encapsulate. The catharsis of emotion captured to depict the thematic ramifications allows for a single filter to be in place which is my consciousness.

The use of texture in my work is prevalent as I often experiment with my chosen media of water colour and acrylic coupled with the use of canvas and paper. My experimentation at times allows me to reach a stage wherein novel treatments are brought into the light and serve as vantage points that I choose to highlight bringing attention towards my primal subjects of the flow of life and our standing within an ever evolving space.


The liquefaction of my medium serves as a material in flux wherein the flow of the media being used is to create the form at hand or the lack of it and is then juxtaposed with my understanding of our existence. The use of movement and motion spans a diverse spectrum in my work and at times are at loggerheads with other owing to the dictation provided by the space and content explored.


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