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Artist: Kandula Pradeep Kumar

Size:16 X 11 Inches



Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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. I done crushed paper detailed drawings in pencil mediums. Than slowly I interested to these drawings convert into sculptures. My early sculptures I tried these feel with recycled and waste materials convert into news paper feel . Now I developed in realistic aspect in my Own handing with these compositions. In this first work i tried to some crushed cartoon box made in traditional terracotta medium. clay works:
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I am captivated by the paper form, by the way that a gesture can speak to us. While my sculpted forms convey authentic paper crush feelings, they serve as archetypes that transcend the context of their naturality. Through contemplation of my imagination and contemporary presentation, I create sculptures that explore spiritual truth through simplicity and fragility. Which I inspired my surround areas I observed waste material and objects ,these are I imaginated like crushed forms .These objects and slum areas I enjoying to watch very much. Because these types areas and materials very naturality and real beauty of these forms. These crushes and fragility like dancing forms. Thats way I enjoy to see. I observed some objects and some areas where i went .these things I feel reality and feel that structure became crushes, and also composition of arrangement their self.

Pradeep Kandula

M.F.A. Sculpture, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi. 

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