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  • "nostalgia" "nostalgia"


Artist: Souvik Majumdar

Size:22 X 28 Inches

Medium:Oil / Acrylic on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

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oil on paper
$2,708.33( Plus 12.00% GST )


this work is done on paper , medium is oil I have started oil again here as here I miss certain smell and atmosphere and in between I saw my older works and I again got inspiration from my own work , how I used oil and how I am using it now is totally different . this work is from memory , how I spent certain time in certain place , how that place is closed to me. and this 2 works have to be displayed. facing each other .

Souvik Majumdar

My works are based on my old memories, my family ,my friends, my body obsessions &complexes . I work in various mediums like photographs, video , GIFs, painting &drawings.

At this point art for me is exploring myself and observing everything which interests me , I am an art student, I am learning slowly about this language  and I love what I do . 

I did my BVA from indian college of arts and draftsmanship, kolkata .Currently i am persuing MFA in shivnadar university ,greater noida .





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