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Objectification 1

Artist: Jitendrakumar Oghani

Size:30 X 30 Inches

Medium:Other Canvas Works


Artwork: Original

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First of all wrap cotton thread on canvas then pest-up some different colour pieces of fabrics, it represents Indian festivals. Some lids I collected from my trip to Germany, paste it on my canvas its remind me of my journey, all this element representing global and local culture chaos.
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Objectification I believe that change is integral to the process of creating Art. During the journey of an artist, there should always be space for new explorations. It has happened several times already in my short journey. Until now I have always worked with subjects and with conventional painting methods. But for some time now, and particularly after my visit to Germany, I find a change in my approach and deliberations on art. In my recent works, you will notice that I am relying less on the subject approach and have explored playing with objects and objectification. I have obtained a textured surface by using raw cotton threads. On this surface, I have innovated and mounted different objects. Many artists, dabbling in Dadaism and Conceptual Art like American-French artist Marcel Duchamp and Pop artist, Andy Warhol, have previously explored this concept. Using readily available objects as their subject. In some cases, I have recreated and replicated classical works by old masters using new techniques and materials, where, the old master is placed in my media as a readily available and recognizable object. Religious imagery is simplified to recognizable line drawings reflecting the character of Raja Ravi Varma, whose works are so popular that you only need to provide subtle hints for identification. In extension of my series on “Urbanization,” some popular objects have been included as well, like forks – wrapped in strings and lids of fizzy drinks, beer bottles, but also the ubiquitous shape of the coke bottle has been incorporated. The playfulness is caused by the use of coloured strings and bits of fabric. Through this journey of objectification using everyday things that become the central point of focus in my current series or works, I find that there are infinite ways to express myself using the fundamentals of Art, just for the sake of Art, without much thought on the possible interpretations. I hope that you will enjoy these experiments, which I present humbly before you. Jitu Oghani

Jitendrakumar Oghani

Jitu Oghani



1987,     Government Diploma in Arts (Painting) Centre first with distinction

1988,     Art Teacher Diploma (A.T.D.), First class

from:  Sheth C. N. College of Fine Arts, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad - 380 006


2002,     Award for Painting, Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi

2005,     Award for Graphics by Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi

2006,     Award for Painting, Gujarat State Lalit Kala Akademi

Solo Shows:

2018:     “Objectification” Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai

2018:     “Objectification” Somalal Shah Art Gallery, Ahmedabad

2010,     302, 30th Floor, Tahnee Hights, Malabar Hills, Mumbai.

              Sponsored by German Consulate, Mumbai.

1998, City at Night, Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad-6

2 Man Show:

2004,     Two-man Show of Paintings at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad-6

2001,     Two-man Show of Paintings at Contemporary Art Gallery, Ahmedabad-6

Group Shows: Many Group Shows since 1998 to 2018

International Level Participation:

2001,     10th International Biennial Print & Drawing Exhibition 2001, ROC, Taiwan

2004,     11th International Biennial Print & Drawing Exhibition 2004, Roc, Taiwan

2003,     4th Egyptian International Print Triennial, Ministry of Culture, Cairo, Egypt

2002,     45th National Exhibition of Art, Guwahati, Assam

2002,     110th All India Annual Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai

National Level Participation:

2014, 55th National Exhibition of Art, New Delhi

2011,     53rd National Exhibition of Art, Chennai

2007,     115th All India Annual Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai

2006,     48th National Exhibition of Art, Mumbai

2006,     7th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial of Print – Art 2006, India, at Bhopal

2005,     113th All India Annual Art Exhibition, Bombay Art Society, Mumbai

2004,     47th National Exhibition of Art, Lucknow

2004,     Annual Exhibition of Paintings by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation,

2004,     "The 7th West Region Art Exhibition" by Camlin Ltd. at Mumbai.

2004,     46th National Exhibition of Art, Kochi, Kerala

2001,     1st All India Art Contest & Exhibition 2001, Dhanbad, Jharkhand

2000,      Millennium All India Art Exhibition by IFACS (State Level), Ahmedabad-6

State Level Participation:

2000,01,02,03,04,05,06,11, Participating in Gujarat State Art Exhibitions

Workshops & Camp:

2014, Painting Camp by National lalitkala Akademi at Roriech Centre, Kullu, Himachal.

2014,     Painting Camp at Balaram Resorts, by Gujarat State Lalitkala Akademi.

2013,     Painting Camp at Park Plaza Hotel, by Magma Fincorp Ltd. Ahmedabad

2012,     National Painting Camp at CVM College of Fine Arts, Vallabh Vidhyanagar.

2011,     Painting Camp at GIHED Property Show at Ahmedabad.

2011,     National Painting Camp at Porbunder by Lineworks, Ahmedabad.

2010,     Painting Camp at Dehgam Village Near Ahmedabad, by International Creative Art Centre

2010,     Painting Camp at Huthishing Visual Art Centre by Gujarat Lalitkala Akademi

2009,     Painting camp at Sputara, Gujarat, by Navdeep Pratishthan, Ahmedabad

2008,     “Kankariya Carnival”, Painting for Inaugural Ceremony of Kankariya Lake at Ahmedabad

              Organized by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

2006,     “Art Festival” All India Painters and Sculptors camp

              Organized by National Lalit Kala Akademi at Gauhati, Assam

2005,     Artist's camp by Amdavad Art Society at Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad

2004,     "Gurukul Kala Shibir" Artist's camp at SGVP International School, Ahmedabad

2003,     "Ahmedabad Heritage" Artist's camp by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation

2002,     Artist's camp in Street at Pethapur, Gandhinagar

2002,     All India Young Artist's Camp, Organised by (AIFACS) at New Delhi - 1

2000,     Graphics Workshop (Lino-Print), by Y. K. Shukla Foundation, Ahmedabad-6

2000,     National Photography Workshop, Ahmedabad-6, by YSCAD (Gujarat)

Camp Conducted:

2008,     Landscape Camp for students from all Fine Arts colleges of Gujarat,

              Organized by Gujarat State Lalitkala Akademi at Mount Abu

2007,     Drawing & Sketching camp for students from all Fine Arts colleges of Gujarat,

              Organized by Gujarat State Lalitkala Akademi at Dholka

Collections: Many private collection in India and abroad.


349/2, Khat Colony, New Vadaj, B/h. New Akhand Anand Society, Ahmedabad - 380 013.

(Mobile) +91 9978814024, E-mail: jituoghani@gmail.com

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