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Packaging Box

Artist: Ranjit Paul

Size:24 X 20 Inches

Medium:Prints on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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In the present education system, knowledge has become a commodity whose value is determined by its attractive packaging. 'The Box', with an imprinted image of a school student and revealing disappointing emptiness while gets opened, questions this very degradation of the education system
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My area of work is concerned with the notion of discipline and punish. The Idea of discipline, the bondage of regimentation a network of rules and rituals be it perceptible or subliminal seems to be an omnipotent part of our civic living. Markers of our civic society they seem to be almost internalized beyond questioning to the point that we think of them as absolute truths and always defend them by their beneficial attributes. These rituals structure our civic interactions and communications and govern our legitimacy as civilized social beings .My work concerns with this form of oppression or should we call them representation-Signs that we consume as real. These tyranny of sign can be observed in- The uniform that has become more important than the work or the utility that mandates it . The gesture has become more important than the interaction that prefixes it . The schoolbag has become more important than the knowledge to be dispersed . The ritual has become more important than the worship. These truth structures –every day rituals of civilized living are something that I wish to investigate in my work and printmaking as a medium that itself has it own set of conventions and disciplinary limitation seems to be an apt medium and conceptual tool for investigating them . I often use the multiple(editions) as a way to put forth the idea of similitude that these network of tautologies are producing . Be it the packaged food, the school uniform to city planning. Little by little as my works progressed within this direction I have started incorporating space as a part of my dialogue along with pop ups, cutouts, often giving them a sculptural presence albeit keeping within the conventions of the print discipline.

Ranjit Paul

I am a practicing artist, presently based in Hyderabad. My recent body of work to a
certain extent reflects my engagement with ideas and concepts that I have been developing
during my final year at the Masters level at Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan.

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