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Artist: Tripti Behl

Size:35 X 28 Inches

Medium:Oil / Acrylic on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

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Created in 2018
$305.56( Plus 12.00% GST )


The art piece displays the foresight that governs what is to come. It creatively depicts how human choices may change what we were to see as our future. The artwork is an alarm to wake up.

Tripti Behl

 Art does not come to all. It basks in glory, in the hands of those, who have coarsened their hands while acquiring and polishing it. For Tripti, the journey began at NIFT Delhi, after which her love with different forms of arts has only deepened. She finds inspiration in whatever or whoever touches her life, but her true inspiration is her mother, who was also her mentor, and who encouraged her to explore various forms of art varying from music and dance to other finer forms of expression.

She believes that art should not please the eye alone, but, must also have a purpose. Motivated by this mantra, she evolved her art.

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