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Shifting Substance- I

Artist: Supriyo Karmakar

Size:48 X 36 Inches

Medium:Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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this work is about the architectural changes in the city. How a construction is growing up and simultaneously some construction is being demolished to start another new construction.
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Children irrespective of age and geographical location, learn to draw by scratching a line. My training was no exception. I drew birds, houses, mangos by simply enclosing the white area of the page with a line, filled that space with colour. But nothing started without drawing a line with a pencil. As I joined an art institution, I acquired the knowledge about the fundamental elements of a painting. But amongst them what has interested me from the beginning is the idea of a line. How in the process of drawing or scribbling lines an image is born, has always fascinated me. Moreover, how different kinds of lines, be it fluid, broken, geometrical, or lyrical, encapsulate the very mood of the artwork. Staying in a metropolis like Kolkata, I chance upon numerous lines every day across the city. A large number of them are geometric ones defining the skyline. These overlapping lines often seem to me as an unanswered conflict of human existence. My works are inspired by this idea of capturing the visuals of my immediate circumference through lines of different sensitivity. My artwork develops in response to my immediate environment. I relocate frequently and therefore my environment is constantly changing. My work explores tension between the past and present. I am interested in how something is changing continuously and giving an abstract character. I render these ideas through various material experiments.

Supriyo Karmakar

B.F.A from 'Indira Kala Sangit Viswavidyala ,Khiragarh', Kolkata ,2014

M.F.A from “University of Kalyani ”


 • Annual exhibition of Sarba Varatiya Sangeet O Sanskrit Parishad at Academy of Fine Arts Gallery-2010,2011,2012

• Annual exhibition of 'College of Visual Art', 2011,2012,2013,2014 at Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Kolkata.

• 76th all India Annual Art Exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts Gallery ,Kolkata, 2011

• 77th all India annual art exhibition of Academy of Fine Arts Gallery,Kolkata,2012

• Annual exhibition of Indian Society of Oriental Art 2012,Kolkata.

• MANAB JAMNIN ,9th all India Art exhibition,2013,Kolkata.

• Kokuyo Camlin Limited, all India Art Exhibition, 2012.

• West Bengal State Lalit Kala Akademi Annual Art Exhibition at ICCR, 2013.

• West Bengal State Lalit Kala Academy Annual Art Exhibition at ICCR,2014


• PAINTERS’ TROOP organized a group show at Gaganendra Pradarsasala,2013

• ‘CONFLICT’ organized a group show at Gaganendra Pradarsasala,2013

• ‘AALO CHAYA’ organized a group show at Academy of Fine Arts Gallery,2013


• Saibalini Dutta Memorial award, Manab Jamin, 9th all India Art Exhibition,2012,Kolkata

• Certificate of merit for Mixed Medium,West Bengal State Lalit Kala Akademi ,2012

• Best watercolour award at college Annual Exhibition,2012 

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