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The Hope

Artist: Damodar Vasanth Mahesh

Size:27 X 20 Inches

Medium:Oil / Acrylic on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Rays of hope for women.
$1,041.67( Plus 12.00% GST )


Rays of hope amidst explosion. Traces of hope emerge from the cloud of destruction. Women fighting back.

Damodar Mahesh

Damodar Vasanth Mahesh is a Mechanical  Engineer/ Scientist turned artist. The scientist in him frequently peeks out of his paintings. Curvaceous DNA strips, swirling magnetic fields and components form the background against which the female figure is contorted in an expression of her struggle for existence. He captures the plight of women and elements of their resurgence in his paintings. Most of his abstract paintings portray the tremendous challenges women are subjected to. Beginning with portraits, Mahesh now concentrates on abstract paintings. Did solo exhibitions at Cochin and Bangkok. Women dominate his works and portray the power of sexuality, both positive and negative. He attempts to make a synthesis between the figurative and abstract form. With tremendous power not entirely released, like the latent heat of steam or the power of fusion, they can counter the challenges of social pressures inherently. They have a power to renew and regenerate. Violence unfortunately, is always prevalent in society; domestic and external, explicit and implicit, silent and loud, with women as the targets.  There is thus an indirect reflection of these in his paintings, depicting dynamic suppression or oppression. But can also trace the signs of resurgence, vigour and dynamism. His first major exhibition was in Cochin in 2000 and later in 2005 at Bangkok, Thailand. He donated the proceeds of the exhibition for the Tsunami victims in Thailand through the Red Cross.


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    Oil / Acrylic on Paper
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