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The Political Scape Goat

Artist: Adeesh Babu

Size:72 X 48 Inches

Medium:Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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6*4 feet painting with minute detailed Sumi ink drawings on 300gsm paper.
$2,222( Plus 12% GST )


I am from a pure costal village of south kerala, now living in delhi. Here in this metro space I am dealing with the day to day life experience of labour ,women and nomads or migrated people for their existence. It made me to recall some of my past memories and incidents from my village life and to question the problem of existence. The issues which connected with religious and caste will may be a relevant thing in my art practice, demand a political stands according to time,so I will address these things in this paintings.

Adeesh Babu


I believed in the demand of democracy that means the freedom of living beings to live in this earth. My work is focused on some barricades which developed in front of marginalized class people from societies,struggling to come forward. Here I am also coming from a marginalised community in south Kerala. We want a language to make voice for these communities which is most simple and addressable for common people, may be the language of survival. The marginalized communities from women, labour class and underprivileged human’s from society deal with power, culture and technology growth/modernity and invasion over period. Our country is going through a period with huge criticisms about new religious violence, inequality and human right violations, challenging democracy too.  Each and every one has its own language, every period has it own languages but make it being is challenging. To make it being is rooted from time, place and historic knowledge. Through my work I want to make a discourse that is too important in contemporary time moving to a globalised democracy. I think in a democracy system each and every individual voice/language has important but here mass is a problematic question. For that some marginalized language is more demanded to make it being in this time.

I like silence and hidden political agendas have a huge exploitation capacity slept inside a bud. The caste classification gender stereotype and the nature of sexuality become a tool, more hidden and more sensitive in city compared to villages. In my work I am trying to redefine the nature of sexuality caste and gender by deliberately break the rules. That means clearly break the unwanted rite over humanity.

The forms in my works are mostly trees, parks interior and open space. In my village there are no parks, only open grounds with varieties of plants. Here in Delhi it is planned space with mentioned purposes. According to me these space have huge role in political criticism to block the looting possibilities over urbanisation and cultural rite.

My work is rooted from conventional practice and some new medium which is demanded. The art language which I am trying to deal is more simple to understand and carrying aesthetic values. For e.g. from Goya to peter Dogi we simply call it as realism but it act different in different period like pop realism in Hockney time, so my interest is to attain such a strong language of my own period.

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