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Eternal Flame ( Edition 1 Of 1)

Artist: Divyendu Anand

Size:12 X 22.5 X 9 Inches

Medium:Liquid Metal Coating over Composite of Stone, Glass and Polyester Resin


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


Fire symbolises various things to people and cultures. In the dark hoary past, it provided light and warmth to our ancestors that paved way for human evolution, which is why fire has been a symbol of hope, considered holy, and worshipped in lot of cultures. Divyendu has been drawn towards flame due to it’s inherent mystical quality. He really connects with the characteristic of flame being the dispeller of darkness, not just externally but internally as well.“ To me the flame conjures much deeper emotion, of something unknown and eternal that is burning deep within each of us” implies Divyendu. The artist feels that kindling the inner flame is the only solution to dispel the darkness of the current existential crisis of humanity. Divyendu is filled with hope as these words of optimism reverberate in his mind. “ The future of humanity is not dark…human beings will seek and one day realise the inextinguishable flame that remains ever-burning behind the veil of darkness” ~ P.R. Sarkar
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Material : Enamel Coating over Composite of Glass, Stone and Polyester Resin, Black Granite

Divyendu Anand


Human want is infinite, anything finite cannot quench its thirst. Hence, consciously or unconsciously, we seek something transcendental, something beyond the world of senses.

This quest to 'know the unknown' forms the very basis of my artistic endeavour. 


Transcendental experiences have led me to the realisation that the crisis in the contemporary world is not really political, social or economic but actually an evolutionary crisis of humanity as a whole. Therefore, the need of the hour is to initiate the dialogue between the outer and the inner realms/worlds.


In order to achieve this daunting task, I experiment with the science of aesthetics to establish the link between finite and infinite, in the realm of the idea as well as form. 

Hence my works are imbued with exoteric yet esoteric sensibilities that seamlessly link ephemeral to eternal.


Obscure questions like the purpose of life, truth about existence propelled my mind towards the ideas for my artistic expression. Hence, my work encompasses every aspect of universal existence - science, philosophy, history, social, cultural, mysticism etc.


To me, art is a joyful expression of the human soul. I wish to create visual poetry that touches the core of the human heart. Through my works, I want to expand the mental wavelength of people so they can extend bliss.


I do not want to limit myself to any specific medium or style, lest the free expression be hindered. For me the medium of creation must be as malleable as possible to give form to my creativity. The final material of execution is immaterial as long as the form does its job of evoking sense of freedom and bliss.


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