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The Wall

Artist: Kapil Jangid

Size:60 X 10 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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this work i did because i sow so many people are talking about separation making drawing with walls in front of the house and then house also feel like i'm arresting now.
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The wall the name was so strong but some time as wall we talk with them and asked them. This work is always talking about relationship between human and materials like cement, bricks, some time you imagine that walls are talking to someone and the bricks and cement are listening. one day the conversation between bricks and cement , they are normally talking, asking question, cement asked bricks : where are from ? Brick: i'm from different different lands. Brick asked cement : where are you from ? Cement: i'm coming form different different mountains . that's how conversation started and they are talking every night when humans are sleeping because they are scared of humans. they thought some humans come and destroy our home , then we cant do anything that time just keep silence .

Kapil Jangid



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