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Three Horses

Artist: Debabrata Biswas

Size:19 X 27 Inches

Medium:Pen, Pencil or Ink on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

Shipping Charges:Free Across India.
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The medium of the artwork is pen and ink on Fabriano paper .
$916.67( Plus 12.00% GST )


Horse signifies force and elegance and it stimulates the artist sensibility, Debabrata want to portray that with his fluid techniques. He likes to explore many techniques and mediums which suits his subjects.

Debabrata Biswas

About me 

                     Capturing a moment of life is an artist’s ageless quest. I try to establish the fundamentals of space and unifying this dire necessecity in my work. I derive inspiration from my immediate surroundings, so my subjects are always nature, animal and human. I intend to portray them expressively through my painting. 

Art Education 

                      MFA - Indian music board (1995-1997), Kolkata.

                       BFA - Indian music board (1990-1995), Kolkata.                         

Solo Shows 

        2018- Nostalgia at Kalakriti’s The Gallery Café. Hyderabad.

         2016 - Equine Grace at ICONART Gallery. Hyderabad.

         2015 -   Rhythmic Hue at Beyond Coffee. Hyderabad. 

Two Man shows 

         2016 - Duet Symphony at Pegasus art gallery, Hyderabad. 

Group Shows 

2019        -      Poetic expressions at State art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                -         Reivatak Group show at The Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara.

                -        78th All India Art Exhibition by Hyderabad Art Society.

                -         15th Anniversary Celebration, Group show at State art Gallery, Hyderabad,

                -         16th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.


         2018   -      Asthetic Strokes at Pegasus Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      Dharohar at ASI children Museum, New Delhi.

                     -      Trinayana at Pegasus Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      Petals at State Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      Colour Spectra 2 at ICCR Art Gallery,Hyderabad.

                     -      4 Seasons at Beyond coffee, Hyderabad

                     -      The Four Quartets at Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata.

                     -      Confluence 2018 by art eterne at New Delhi.

                    -      15th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.

                    -      Buy art 2018 at ICON art gallery,Hyderabad. 


          2017  -    Way to go at Ailamma Art Gallary, Hyderabd.

                     -    14th Citra santhe” at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.

                     -    Holding Hands International show at State Art Gallery.  


           2016   -  7APTAK at Birla art Academy, Kolkata

                      -  Sargam at beyond coffee, Hyderabad

                      -  Buddha at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad

                      -  Woman day at Ailamma Art Gallary, Hyderabd

                      -  Rein,Reign,Rain at Ailamma Art Gallary, Hyderabd

                      - 13th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore. 

                      -  Ganesh at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.   


         2015    -  Art for all at Rainbow vistas, Hyderabad.

                      -  Ganesh at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                      - 12th Citra santhe” at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.     


          2014    -   Collectors choice at Tamkanat Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                       -  Art for all at Rainbow vistas, Hyderabad.                        

                       -  Dimensional Expression at Karnataka chitrakala parishath, Bangalore.

                       -  Ganesh at State Art Gallery, Hyderabad.

                       - Flute of the Maverick at Daira. Hyderabad.

                      - 11th Citra santhe at Karnataka ChitrakalaParishath,Bangalore.


           2013   -  Mehfil at state art gallery. Hyderabad.                                 

                      -   Around the art at beyond coffee, Hyderabad.

                      - Art for all at Rainbow vistas, Hyderabad. 

       1998       -  Gramshree Mela at Jamshedpur. 

       1997  -  Lime light at Milani Hall, Jamshedpur. 


           2018 –  Online Auction from Bestcollageart. New Delhi. 

Art Camp


2018         -    Art Camp at Santinikatan by Pegasus Art Gallery.

                -    Punarkriti Art camp by Hyderabad Artist Group at Hyderabad. 

Art Installation 

      2017    -   Art Installation at Hyderabad Literary Festival.

       2018   -   Art Installation for Do Din, Urban Lab, Hyderabad. 


        2019 –    Highly  commendable work from 78th All India Art Exhibition, Hyderabad Art Society.

         2018   -    Appointed Judge for Art Competition at Fusion Fest, Hyderabad.

         2016  -   Appointed Judge for Art Competition at Oakridge International school, Hyderabad. 

         2007 -    Character animation Direction awarded from WB solutions, Hyderabad.

         2005 -    Awarded as the Best special contribution in train

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