Tug Of War (Edition 3 Of 10), Painting by Vernika Singh | Figurative artwork on Brass And Aluminium | BestCollegeArt


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Tug Of War (edition 3 Of 10)

Artist: Vernika

Size:20 X 12 X 8 Inches

Medium:Brass and aluminium


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


I am interested in human figures and the movements which are encountered by the body. It is the most beautiful sight to witness the human body in action and at times it is capable of doing things beyond imagination. To me it is the ultimate form of expression; as much as one can express simply through one’s gestures, body movements and posture; sometimes even words fail to do that. My current works are inspired by acrobatics as I believe that the body experiences full freedom of movement during any such activity. The high energy gymnasts attract me as much as graceful ballet dancers. Sometimes I try to capture certain energetic moves performed by acrobats and sometimes just a position holding onto which requires years of experience and practice; and I try to freeze that moment in time. The figures in my works are very raw. The focus is always on the anatomy rather than the facial features (which I try and dull out to an extent). I want my compositions to speak to the viewer as soon as one catches a glimpse and for that I pay close attention to aesthetics in my works. For me everything comes after it. The color black is very close to me. It plays a very important role as I work with a lot of shades of black. I believe it helps me in bringing rawness to my compositions.
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