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Turquoise Waters

Artist: Shveta Saxena

Size:36 X 48 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Inspired by the beauty of the ocean
$1,041.67( Plus 12.00% GST )


Blue skies, sun-kissed beaches and the vast expanse of the turquoise ocean…. Summertime bliss!

Shveta Saxena

My Art

Portrait Art

After studying the works of successful modern day international artists, I have been challenging myself to explore territories like knife work portraits- an extremely difficult to achieve art. I have worked on highly vibrant textured portrait paintings by using palette knives instead of brushes. The combination of raw texture and burst of colors gives these paintings a different look and feel that is intensely appealing and stimulating.

I have also been working on creating realism in portraits along with abstract art. Here I have tried to retain realism in portraits while working on abstract backgrounds that tell a story to create an alluring combination of art.

My constant pursuit of realism in portraits has also led me to challenge myself to create realistic art in acrylics instead of oils. Though fast drying acrylics are an extremely difficult medium for this, I believe portrait realism in acrylics can be achieved with a lot of hard work and fast pace to retain the accuracy.


Water Art

The latest in my art collection is the ‘Ocean Series’ that explores the beauty of water. The fluidity of water combined with life in and around water is another level of beauty that I want to present in my art. The vibrant aqua colors and the dynamism of water combine to form incredibly beautiful works of art that light up any space in which they are introduced.

I truly believe that perfection in art is something that can be strove for but can never be achieved. I sincerely hope to keep striving for that perfection and produce art that shows the desire for the same.


Exhibitions and Achievements


September:   Group exhibition at Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi featuring the works of 5 artists including prominent artists like Bhaskar Rao and Sanjay Soni

November:   Art Enigma, a group exhibition at Hotel Ashoka, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


May:   Finalist in the ‘International Artist Grand Prize Competition, Art Revolution Taipei 2018’ held at World Trade Centre, Taipei, Taiwan. The event was organised by ‘Taiwan International Contemporary Artist Association’. Both my paintings were selected and exhibited among the final 307 selected out of the 4546 artworks submitted by artists from 87 countries.

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