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Artist: Abhijit Debnath

Size:21 X 27 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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I blend components such as charcoal, graphite, ink, tea powder, pastel, glue acrylic on paper, cotton bed. Then integrating those components with visual mediums such as drawing, painting, and photography is the method I used to create the images. The aim is to create a a raw dynamic and static energy within migration and have them juxtaposed.With my image making process I have attempted to depict different dimensions of my surroundings. This process has helped me to attain a degree of conviction and freedom to understand my medium.
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We humans are organisms with mobility therefore the concept of migration is just as old as our existence. We have moved from one place to another often to fulfill our basic needs, scouting for resources and sometimes simply to seek answers. Whatever be the reason, the supreme mission and vision has always been to better the existing living condition and/or expand our knowledge, find truth and in the course creating our history. However, this ‘migration’ and its movement has brought about more than fair amount of conflict and struggle with it. Conflict has been for both tangible and intangible matter. My grandfather migrated from East Bengal to India during the partition for the very same reasons. I grew up in Assam, a north east state of India. While growing up I witnessed cultural conflicts between different communities for space and identity. During my early 20’s I too migrated from my hometown to Santiniketan in West Bengal to pursue my BFA and MFA. In the course of my six years of learning art I was introduced to different types of mediums and techniques that facilitated towards exploring my own identity and experiencing the aura of my surroundings. I have always had an infatuation towards my locale, and so having lived in Assam and Santiniketan and presently working to create my new pieces in Bangalore. I was and always am greatly stimulated by my environment. I was a midst cultural, material vortex and steady nature. Therefore I create landscapes containing motifs such as the fence, house and boat to materialize the human existence within the process of my image creation. I borrowed these images from my early childhood. I repeatedly use bamboo fence as a constant language in my image making process both consciously and subconsciously. The intention of the bamboo structure used in the image is to create a literal and figurative awareness of its existence. The boat is one of the most common vessel used for migration. And a house/shelter is one of the most initial requirements post migration where one can plant one’s intimate space.

Abhijit Debnath

                                                                                     Abhijit Deb Nath


Educational qualification

2011-13 M.F.A (PAINTING) Visva Bharati University Santiniketan West bengal

2007-11 B.F.A (PAINTING) Visva Bharati University Santiniketan West bengal

Exhibition Participant

2015- Annual Art Exhibition AIFACS New Delhi

2014- Birla gallery Annual exhibition Kolkata West Bengal.

2012- Vice-Versa Workshop in Goa

2010- Group Exhibition in Santiniketan Nandan Art Gallery Kolkata West Bengal.

2008-10- Kalabhavan Visva-Bharati Annual Art exhibition in Indian Academy of Fine art Kolkata West Bengal India

Workshop participated as an Artist:

2018- Meet the Artist conducted by Bangalore Art foundation ( Artist Mr.S.G. Vasudev and Chief guest Art curator Mr. Sadanand Menon) Bangalore.

2012- Vice-Versa Workshop in Goa

2011- Painting Workshop in Hyderabad

2011- Interdisciplinary workshop over Space And Object in Santiniketan

2011- Traditional Silk Painting Workshop in Santiniketan

2010 – Group workshop and installation in Ganges Art Gallery Kolkata


Award :

2012- Vice-Versa award in Goa

Present Address: koramangala sg palya Tavarekere main road Bangalore 560029


Date of Birth: 11.05.1987


P.s : All the information given above are self attested and genuine








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    By Abhijit Debnath
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    By Abhijit Debnath
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