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Artist: Divya Chinni

Size:9 X 14 Inches

Medium:Oil / Acrylic on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Divya Chinni


More than eleven years experience in art field both academically and professionally, as well as portfolio of varied accomplishments including exhibitions, participation in recognized art events and academic achievements. Possess a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking, that is consistently displayed across all art works. Many of my art works were in collection all over India and abroad.


Educational Qualifications:

  • Ø Master of fine arts (painting) from Andhra University , Visakhapatnam, 2018.
  • Ø Bachelor of fine Arts (painting)   from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 2013.
  • Ø UGC NET qualified in Visual Arts
  • Art Statement:

My themes are inspired and chosen by the beauty of Indian culture and

life style. In my work I try to capture the themes related to Indian culture, life style, old traditional elements and objects and the architecture of last century and even earlier years attracts me and feel to take up as subjects on my canvas in a realistic way.





2013- “ARTBEATS” a group show of paintings, sculptures, prints at dept. of fine arts ,Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.

2014- A groups show of paintings, sculptures, prints in Visakha Museum ,by Universal Art Gallery,Visakhapatnam.

2014- Particaipated in “Chitrasantha” in bangalore.

2014- "VIZAG ART FAIR" a group show of paintings , sculptures, prints at "Rajiv Smruthi Bhavan" , in vizag.

2015- "South Indian Art Show-2015" at Lalit Kala Academy, organized by Chandra ilango visual art foundation, Chennai.

2015- A group show in TAGA TEMPERORY GALLERY, Carnoules, France. 2015- “ARCUS” a three men show of paintings and drawings, at

visakha museum, Visakhapatnam.

2015-TWAAS national group show at hawamahal, Visakhapatnam. 2016-  ‘CHITRASANTHA’ organized by twaas in Vijayawada.

2016- VIZAG ART FAIR , a group show of paintings , sculptures and prints at rajiv smruti bhavan in Visakhapatnam.

2016-- "South Indian Art Show-2016" at Lalit Kala Academy, organized by Chandra ilango visual art foundation, Chennai

2017-       “ 7 strokes” a group show of art at trishnaa art gallery, Visakhapatnam.

2017-“ 7 strokes “ a group show of art in visakha museum, visakahaptnam.

2018- women art exhibition organized by apwaas in visakha museum , Visakhapatnam.

2018-All india women artists contemporary exhibition-2018 by Artscapes, Chandigarh.


2018- An annual exhibition , Dept. of fine arts, Andhra university, Visakhapatnam

2018- All India Art Competition & Exhibition organized by State Gallery of Art , Hyderabad

2018-Andhra Pradesh International art festival in Hawamahal


2019-International Artists Grand Prize-2019 by Art Revolution Taipei, in Taiwan

2019- Art exhibition on theme water, in Carnoules, France.



2015-"Rejuvanating Vizag" a two day art camp organized by AP Tourism, Visakhapatnam.

2016-women art camp organized by Twaas in Vijayawada.

2017-women art camp organized by apwaas in visakha museum, Visakhapatnam.


  • A French book named “Poussières du monde” France , in 2014.
    • Arts Illustrated magazine , Chennai in 2017 Collections:
      • TAGA TEMPERORY GALLERY, Carnoules, France.
      • Icha foundation , Kondakarla, vizag.
      • Individual collections

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