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Artist: Umesh Singh

Size:18 X 12 Inches

Medium:Photography on archival paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

Return Policy:Available Read More

Shipping Duration:Within 7 days In India.

Shipping Charges:Free Across India.
International Shipping at nominal charges.


This is a performative art photography printed on archival paper
$1,388.89( Plus 12.00% GST )


My ideas and thoughts behind this works entirely related to the farming community, despite of immense hard work feeders of our country are dying for want of food. They have a handful of children and bagful of debts. This worst situation has compelled them to migrate abandoning agriculture, they are willing to do any other laborious jobs in urban. A farmer solely devotes his life to farming but in reward by the society, he zips his voice for the injustice done with him. Equivalently, I covered my face and body with bags borrowed from farmers from my village, simultaneously seedlings are growing from all over my body (they are being harassed by their own things). All dressed up I circumambulated my village by lying on the ground in ‘Dandavat Pranam’ manner with sickle in hand used for marking the ground. Then I used the mark to repeat the same again. I continued repeating this process until I reached my destination that was a public place were villagers gathered. In my circus like performance where kids enjoyed teasing me and adults got worried if I have gone crazy, all followed me until my destination. I utilized this platform to interact with the villagers and spread awareness among them about the importance of literacy

Umesh Singh

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