URBAN LIVING AND DRAWING THE LINES, Painting by MEGHANAD GANPULE | Contemporary artwork on Digital Print On Paper | BestCollegeArt


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Urban Living And Drawing The Lines

Artist: Meghanad Ganpule

Size:36 X 36 Inches

Medium:Digital Print on Paper


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Today mankind has made its footprint on the moon. But in a city, the common man has spent his entire life, in one building. For such a man, that one building plays many different roles. And for this man, the moon and the building, form an image which is forever imprinted in their minds ( DIALOGUE WITH THE MOON ).
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Urban Living And Drawing The Lines We are witnessing the impact of globalization which influences our living conditions. Globalization seems to open up possibilities of an enriched life for all. However in a democratic system like ours ( India ) which is marked by bureaucratic apathy, it means an ever growing disparity between the have-s and have-nots. In the name of globalization we aspire to convert everything into affluent, luxurious and high-tech world class cities at the fastest possible speed. But ambition, greed and a self centric approach of the effort, and bureaucratic apathy, lead us to impoverishment of many and empowerment of a few. Huge and unchecked influx of population migration to cities in search of livelihood, creates an anomalous situation wherein cities go on building towers for well-offs, and clusters for non-affording classes. The result is ugly and chaotic living conditions. I feel this situation has arisen as a direct impact of globalization which is driven by growth at a relentless pace. India cannot catch up with this speed and remain in a futile struggle. We talk of the white collared doing well, booms in stock markets, satisfactory rates of economic growth, wider avenues of career advancement, and better amenities as resulting from globalization. We quote figures to justify the claim. However in reality the daily life of majority people has become harder and shows a decline in quality; everything publicly or state owned is mediocre, improperly or not maintained at all. Public money is squandered on utilities of low quality. As an artist I cannot be immune to this scenario. I see the lines of ambition, greed, self centric approach forever rising. Imbalanced growths, apathetic bureaucracy, decline in human condition, compulsion to keep pace with growth are the lines that intersect. These lines make human life complicated, difficult, and render it incomplete and obscure. I see how these lines limit us, close in and yet lead us nowhere and show that somewhere in the turmoil of living the ability to recognize the lines, to draw the line and even feel the need to draw the line is lost. I am fully aware that globalization is necessary, but feel that it should start from our villages and towns. We have 500 million youngsters below age of 25, most of whom are rural poor. If we carefully groom them, they can be a great national resource to combat all our ills. A socio-economic application of electronics, computers, and telecommunications can effectively check migration of rural poor to overcrowded and faceless cities. We need to create blue collared jobs which will engage local people at respective places, and thereby stop their exodus. If we do not act immediately, the chaotic situation will make our life miserable, meaningless and eventually wipe our human identity altogether.


The photography of Meghanad Ganpule can be understood as commentary on globalisation . Along with the identities and perspectives that have arisen from it . Alluding to the digital technologies which make globalisation possible . Ganpule's picture often have a glitch like appearance , as though two diffrent images , from two diffrent historical timelines , were superimposed onto each other . The glitch aspect lends Ganpule's work the character of the alternative design . Rather than simply documenting urban & suburban spaces , Ganpule makes known the presence of the camera as a perspectival technology , challenging the claim that photographs simply reproduce reality . { Cabell Molina , Director , FineArt Initiatives , New York , NY }

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