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Way Of Sitting III

Artist: Nirakar Chowdhury

Size:43 X 36 Inches

Medium:Acrylic on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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way of sitting III
$833( Plus 12% GST )


way of sitting III

Nirakar Chowdhury

The Artist’s Statement 

Nirakar is a visual artist, and his work is inspired by the world around. The world is not in its real state, but by the way his mind sees it. His mind breaks the real world into triangles, separating each colour and the shades. He believes, “I feel every colour has its own identity just like humans. I respect the space of each colour (as if they are individuals) by giving them a definite boundary”.

Birds and animals are very evident in most of his work. Using them as the subject, he gives his paintings his own twist, with an element of cubism, inspired by Braque and Picasso. His signature style has emerged after years of practice and  dedication.    

Nirakar believes, “We all have different perspectives and we see the world differently. In order to connect his thinking with the real world, he plays with colours. “Playing with light and dark shades of colour, creating highlights and shadows, to depict the time of day, or setting in general. For his fauna (usual subject of my paintings,) I opt for textured brush strokes to have them remain as the subtle focal points, mixing a few saturated colours, to create depth.”  It takes him approximately ten to fifteen days to complete one work.

Growing up in a family of artists, Nirakar has always aspired to be an artist himself. His grandfather was his biggest inspiration. After years of hard-work,  his Art has achieved its own identity and is appreciated in the Art world. He adds, “This is my world, and I invite you to be a part of it through my paintings.

B.F.A  in (Painting) 

Government College of Art & Crafts

Khallikote, Odisha                                 


  • “VIRTUAL INDIA ART FESTIVAL”  Indian Art Place Gurugram 2020/21

  • “WORLD ART DUBAI” Presented by Rare Mandi Art Gallery 2020

  • “2nd Award of ORA” Organized by Mojarto 2020

  • “ONART FAIR” Presented by Mojarto New Delhi 2020

  • “I LOVE DELHI” Group Exhibition Palm Court, IHC, New Delhi 2020

  • “INDIA ART FESTIVAL” Mumbai, Indian Art Place  Gurugram 2020 

  • “Goa Affordable Art Fest” At Museum of Goa. 2019 

  • “In an Artist’s Mind” Trinity x Art x Nirlon Art Program 2019

  • “I LOVE DELHI” Mini residency art AFC Delhi 2019  

  • “INDIA ART FESTIVAL” New Delhi, Indian Art Place  Gurugram 2019

  • “SURFACE : 03” at artbuzz studios New Delhi, 2019

  • “TRYST WITH COLOUR IV” a group show at IHC Visual Art Gallery, 2019

  • “WITHIN ­ REACH X” a group show of eminent & emerging artist at Gallery Nvya.2019  

  • “GALLERY AWARD” by Art Revolution Taipei Taiwan, 2019

  • “INDIA ART FESTIVAL” Artequest Art Gallery Mumbai 2019

  • “INDIA ART FESTIVAL” Artequest Art Gallery New Delhi 2018

  • “CREATIVE SURRENDER” a group show at IHC Visual Art Gallery, 2018

  • “ART ENIGMA” organised by Hunar Art Gallery New Delhi, 2018


  • “CONFLUENCE 18” a group show at AIFAS New Delhi,2018

  • “ART REVOLUTION TAIPEI” by hunar art gallery Taiwan, 2018

  • INDIAN CONTEMPORARIES” a group show at IHC New Delhi, 2017

  • “ART ENIGMA” organised by Hunar Art Gallery New Delhi, 2017

  • “INDIA ART FESTIVAL” Gallery art Eterne New Delhi 2107

  • INDIAN CONTEMPORARIES” a group show at Russia, 2017

  • “ARTISTIC ECHOES” a group show at IHC Visual Art Gallery, 2017

  • “WORLD” a group show organised by NGO CRY at Mumbai, 2017

  • “KHUSHRANG” a group show at All India Fine Art Society, New Delhi, 2017

  • “HUES OF  NEELANCHAL” a group show at Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi, 2017

  • “WITHIN ­ REACH” a group show of eminent & emerging artist at Gallery Nvya.2016

  • “EDELWEISS PALETTE 16 ART WALK”, Mumbai,2016

  • “WAYS OF SEEING”a group show at Harrison Center for the Arts,Indianapolis,USA.2015

  • Participated in International residency at Reflection Art Gallery 2015.              

  • REALITY AND HOPE at Lokayata art gallery organized by Reflection art gallery2014

  • MUKTA: Free, Healthy, Secure. at IGNCA by Reflection art gallery 2013

  • Artist's workshop at Noida “IILM” 2013

  • National Campaign Against Bonded Labour 2012

  • “CHEHERA”The human face of TB',A group show of paintings at Religare Art,New Delhi-2011

  • A solo show of ”MONEY,MONEY,MONEY” at Reflection Art gallery & studio,New Delhi,2018

  • One-month Artist Residency work at Reflection art gallery & studio,

  • Group show of painting”DISPARITY”at Reflection art gallery & studio,2008.                                                                                                        

  • International Artist Residency at Reflection Art Gallery 2014/15 

  • Artist's workshop at Banaras “GANGA POLLUTION” organized byReflection 

  • Art Gallery & studio.2008.Artist's workshop at Lokayata:

  • Mulk Raj Anand centre,Hauz Khas Village,New Delhi,2007.

The 6th Eastern region Art Exhibition,Organized by Camlin Art Foundation,Kolkata,2006.


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