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We Are Not Workers

Artist: Raju Baraiya

Size:84 X 48 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Here in this work “We are not workers” they are two significant feature, a binary consisting of city and village. Were lower meddle class people strive for their daily lively hood as mindless workers. The approach to my image making start with mind scaping of the cities where I presently live. I attempt to do this through a spontaneous mark making process by spilling paints, making marks , living accidental stain and drips of paint on the surface.
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My practice springs out of this shift from a strong rural background to an urban one. Village for me is a unique space holding its own character and strength. These spaces present an impression of an inherent belief in the way they are. Although with more easily available technologies and ever spreading urban boundaries, there has been a gentle merging of the two in recent times. This nevertheless does not deprive the rural from its rural character. One can easily find rural traits in people migrating to cities for various reasons. The way these places are, makes you think in a particular way as and when you find yourself closer to them. This rural character remains intrinsic and contradicts with the urban. My inspiration comes from observing and diagnosing the rural in relation to the urban and vice - versa. The continuous push and pull between the rural and urban makes me wonder. I have been deriving imagery from these seemingly ambiguous notions of the urban and the rural. The complexities between the two spaces create a common meeting ground for me to explore through an impression I hold of them. My intention being to translate the ever evolving image of there convergence. A kind of workable space, where both these worlds come at one place for me. A space to be manipulated and redefined and even fantacised at the same time. My impressions and insights urge me to approach them in a manner of mark making. These marks further proceed in a representative image of convergence. The images and associative memories coincide with each other to redefine an existing relation or to present a newer contradiction.


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