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Weapon Of Choice

Artist: Vernika

Size:14 X 30 Inches



Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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Medium : Mild Steel,wood,glass,duco paint and chicken blood.
This work is based on the happenings of female infanticide.
I spent my childhood days in and near Muzaffarnagar and such incidents were quite common in the city.I heard about these during the same time and till date such happenings keep filling the headlines.
A shovel or "faawda" is a tool which is present in almost every household because of the agricultural background of the state.And it was often stated in headlines that certain agricultural tools were used in the killings.
Here I've used a shovel and covered it in glass bits.The painting details have been done using white duco paint and chicken blood.
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I use tiny pieces of glass which I gather from broken windshields of cars.I use these on my sculptures , ready made objects and sometimes as it is. I chose glass as it has duality in nature;it is highly fragile but when broken it can cut like a blade. My works are about feminism,conceptual to a degree.I come from a small village in Uttar Pradesh and having lived in Delhi for 8 years now,I constantly try to analyse the concerns of urban as well as rural women , representing the same in my works. At one side we are still fighting with issues like female feticide and on the other we have movements like "free the nipple".The concerns could be different but the fight remains the same.

Vernika Singh


 Originally a painter,I have been practicing in New Delhi for 8 years.Its been 3 years since I've been sculpting.

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