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Welcome IV

Artist: Gopal Samantray

Size:30 X 20 X 45 Inches

Medium:Fibreglass and Colour


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided


The subject Gopal deals with is of grave concern to every living being on this earth. His prime motto is to make people aware of the situation they are knowingly or unknowingly creating in their thirst of modernisation. They always forget the essence and necessity of the things that they are losing in this glitzy infrastructural development. They have forgotten that the world would not survive till there is balance. His artworks comment on issues such as global warming, deforestation etc. My works are inspired by my idea of how the world should be. As an onlooker, I tend to think a lot about it , and have increasingly started to feel we should all come together to deal with it. The animal figures I use in my works depict detachment - from their habitat. Implying unnatural placement of these endangered animals.
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