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Wish Tree

Artist: Pranati Das

Size:48 X 72 Inches

Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas


Artwork: Original

Artist Authenticity Certificate: Provided

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My work, majorly deals with old proverbs, panchatantra stories, mythological subjects and Orishan culture, re-establishing the importance and relevance of these old proverbs and sayings in the present day; invoking the viewers to search for the meaning behind them, creating a sort of dialogue between the viewer and my works.
The traditional motifs and designs from Orisha handicrafts influenced my visual vocabulary. In particular the Odisha appliqué work and coir craft has had a lasting impression on me. Cutting, stitching and stuffing my forms with cotton, akin to handmade toys and attaching them onto the painted canvas. I enjoy the experience of creating different levels within my work, treating craft both as art and as a tool to address contemporary issues related to women and society as a whole.

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In this painting I am showing wish tree, people full fill self desires. People bind cloth to the hanging branch as a wish to fulfill their dream; desires from there I inspire to make such subject in my work. I use different type of fabric in a three dimensional way, to make the painting appear to be a sculptural piece. Because I try to make my subject more delicate and real so that the viewer could understand it clearly. This tree is holding my experience.

Pranati Das

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